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Wow. Was anyone else as pleasantly surprised at the quility of this episode as I was? I'm very pleased with how this turned out. (Excpet Andy and Amanda. *vomits*)

I'm really glad that Amy and Ephram are doing so well. I loved to see the continuity of how Ephram is still a little jittery around Amy.. watching his step because it's only been a little while since the last episode. I'm glad to see it happen that way. I always love Amy, even when she isn't being such a great person, but I think she was written extremely well this episode. Her dialogue with Delia at the end was very true to her heart and I think it was a huge for her own personal growth to hear what she was saying and I think she'll take to heart the words she spoke. Her speech to me seemed more out of self realization.

Kudos to Ephram for saying what we have all been thinking. When he told her that she still has everything, even without dance, I was extremely happy. Aphram is the one who would have nothing, but Amy is clearly intelligent and hard-working, so I don't see her having much of a problem. I cannot wait to see where Amy's realization takes her, because I truly see her becoming a doctor or something along those lines.

I hate that Treat and Amanda are still having this affair. At least her husband is no longer in the house while they are in the bedroom. Someone mentioned in TWoP how climactic it would be if Treat and Amanda are in the kitchen, while John in the other room regained mobility to his hands and steered towards his wife in the kitchen just as they kiss. That would be devastating to John, but I think it is only fair that he realizes what has happened. I will be disappointed if John regains his health and Amanda just leaves and acts as if it never happened. Haven't the screwed over John enough?

I'm all for Treat and Nina, but since I hate Treat right now.. I can say that the scene between Nina and Jake at the end was near perfect. It was so believable. I hope to see this develop a little bit more, but in the end I think it will fall back onto Andy and Nina. I don't think Andy deserves her though. I like Cameron, but she was a little to perky for my tastes. Still, she had some funny moments.

I don't know what else to say. Overall I think that this was a great episode. I loved the Amy scenes and the Nina scenes. I am also glad Delia got some time to have her own story, sadly.. we all know it is just going to go back and ignore them for weeks. Too bad. Did anyone else notice that this is one of the stronger episodes.. and it focused (primarily) on the main players of the show. Yes.. there was a side story with Jake, but that was through Nina. It shows that the show needs to stick to its roots.


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