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Season Four Discussion: Honestly, the paint and feathers thing seemed like a good idea at the time.

Ahhh....Season 4 when, thanks to his new best friend Danny, JT got pumped; Chris and Liberty rocked out to Buck 65 while Jimmy, Craig and Marco rocked out to "the Kid" and Spin's hair rocked Flock of Seagulls hair; Darcy really really liked Rick's glasses, and Snake really really didn't people eating fries in the MI lab and Spike paid for the pizza. Back when Tessa Campinelli didn't show up at Joey's doorstep, but Sydney and Caitlin did.

Back when Toby chased Ashley's crazy Aunt Sally around Toronto before heading off to the island; Sean headed head to the northern most tropical paradise in the world, leaving the ferret behind with Ellie. Not for long.

Raditch got dumped; Hot Sauce got a new gig; Angie's brother loved her the most; Alex smacked the friendship out of Amy; Dylan thought he was the gay Hef; Paige got sold out by Oleander and then finally heard Hazel's roar; Manny had dibs on the cinnamon buns; Chester needed to be repeatedly punched and Jay and Emma spent some quality time together in a van down by the....ravine. your thing.......
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