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Did anyone else find it interesting that when Amy was whining to Ephram about the sacrifices she had made for their relationship she mentioned her applying only to schools near his conservatories? I'm not sure how applying to eight of the top fifty schools in the country constitutes a sacrifice, but is this supposed to infer that if she wasn't being a relationship martyr she would have applied to Princeton after all?
I reviewed Shoot The Moon (a.k.a. The College Choice episode) and noted the following:
Amy to Ephram: "It's not like New York and Boston don't have the best schools, anyway".
Amy to Harold: "Dad, I know you've always had a thing for them, but I just don't see myself there".
Harold to Amy: "I have baby pictures of you in a little orange hat".
Amy to Harold: "How many times do I have to tell you, Dad, that's not my goal anymore".
Harold to Ephram: "Somewhere between freshman year and her relationship with you, that dream changed".
Ephram to Harold: "Well, a lot's happened since then, not just me".
Amy to Ephram: "Guess I could apply to Princeton, keep the Dad happy".
What I take from all of that is that Princeton has been more her Dad's goal than hers; probably due to his own history (not applying there because he wanted to be with Rose), and certainly understandable for a doting father. And even if it was her goal as late as freshman year, she could have any number of reasons (as Ephram pointed out) for changing that. How many people retain the same goals from ages 15-18? I didn't see any definitive indication she had her heart set on going there, only to "sacrifice" doing so for her relationship. On the other hand, if that were the case, is returning to that dream part of getting her life back? If so, maybe Princetongate will turn out quite differently than we expect. But I don't think so. Even the way Amy is thinking after her epiphany, she has to realize long distance college relationships rarely work (I believe there's even a cliche that they always end by mid-terms). And if she is thinking she could get so much more from Princeton than she could from any of her eight other choices she's insulting a lot of terrific schools.
Actually, considering her record, I would consider it pretty surprising if she got accepted to Princeton anyway; or I would if this were real life. After botching her junior year academically, and having few if any extra-curriculars? Even a 1400 SAT is not that outstanding; very good, but not outstanding. A school like Princeton can be awfully choosy. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me greatly if she was rejected by all eight. They all have pretty high standards.
As far as the future of the show is concerned, I find it difficult to believe Amy or Ephram will go any further than Colorado A&M for school; at least not for long. I don't see the story mavens, or the production folks, trying to create not one, but two East Coast college scenarios. I think that's why they inserted the A&M music recruiter and campus tour earlier. Also, this seems like the only scenario that would allow them to attend school together, not to mention being able to continue to interact closely with family. I don't see phone conversations from Boston or New York as the way to sustain the family aspect of the show, arguably Everwood's most important asset. It may be unfortunate circumstances which result in this happening, but it's still my guess.
So, I'm betting (hoping?) Amy's mention of the college thing was just drama queen whining. I still see her somewhere near Ephram no matter what. If not, why watch?
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