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Wow, what a great read, MAKRO. You have so many outstanding points, I have to quote some of your stuff and comment accordingly..

Think of the consequences if this had not happened prior to Madisongate, Princetongate, etc.; her and Ephram would have zero chance of surviving.
So very true. They would have crumbled durng the first second of Madisongate. I firmly believe that Amy's realization will be key in preparation for Madisongate. And I feel like it will be a huge saving grace once the bomb explodes.

You make an excellent point about Amy's insecurities. She absolutely has always been insecure in her relationships and for the life of me, I have never understood why, but I have learned to accept that this was part of the essence of Amy.. Until now, that is.

She essentially falls in love with love, creating idealized versions. She may see her unilateral sacrifices as noble in the name of love, but I believe they have been out of fear and insecurity that her perfect relationship will end.
WORD. This is just how I see it. Definitely with Colin and Tommy, and pretty much with Ephram, although I do, 100%, without a doubt, believe she loves Ephram in every sense of the word, unlike Colin and Tommy.

I think one of the funniest lines of the season was when Amy told Hannah she was usually really secure with herself. But, then again, outside of her relationships she usually is.
Heh, that's right on. I laughed intensely during that moment.

In a sense, the intensity of her insecurity about Madison is a measure of the depth of her love for Ephram.
Right on, again. I shake my head in amazement while seeing this strikingly gorgeous girl, who has the guy of her dreams, who happens to be hopelessly in love with her, and yet, she still has insecurities about not measuring up to his ex! However, I have to admit that I sometimes secretly love to see it because I do believe that her intense insecurites are directly related to how deeply in love she is with Ephram.

I think she will now develop a new level of self-confidence and a much fuller (and thereby healthier) life, allowing her to bring more than ever to her relationship with Ephram; which will then be a strong relationship of equals. All of the unhealthy obsession, dependence, and, yes, insecurity will vanish. It may even become inconsequential whether Ephram ever addresses the Madison issue with her directly. I only hope there is time for all, or most, of this to happen before the next crisis.
I couldn't have said it better. That's why I thoroughly enjoyed Monday's episode because I believe this is where the writer's are heading. Throughout all of E/A's "teenage" moments, and even before this future transformation of Amy, one of the reasons I simply adore this couple is because I believe that they have one of the most unique and touching relationships on tv. They make all the other "cheesy and soapy" teen romances look ridiculous. However, I am feeling a sense of giddiness at the thought of watching Amy's growth and the dynamic E/A relationship flourish even more. In other words, I loved it pre-Amy self realization.. I'm going to absolutely devour it post-Amy self realization.

I've always liked Amy in spite of her blemishes. In fact, her ability, and that of EVC, to make you like her in spite of some of the things she has done over the years, is remarkable.
Hell yeah. EVC = pure genius.. Never, have I seen any other young actress out there that even comes close to her amazing talent. This girl deserves an Emmy. She is flawless and it's scary to even say this considering she is only 18 years old. How she has defined Amy Abbott in a way that makes her so flawed, and yet the more you want to scream about these flaws, the more you love Amy for them. It's unheard of to feel this way. I can say this with true certainty.. If anyone else was playing Amy Abbott, I would have much different thoughts toward the character and I doubt I would love E/A as much as I do.
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