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I also am glad to see such lively discussion.
Amy's epiphany Monday night about having invested too much of herself in her relationship at the expense of her outside passions was a very hopeful sign. Especially in her realization that the responsibility for making these sacrifices was hers alone. Think of the consequences if this had not happened prior to Madisongate, Princetongate, etc.; her and Ephram would have zero chance of surviving.
But, I'm hoping her revelation goes further than that. We've talked about Amy's tendency toward the dramatic, her maturity, or lack of it, her grudge-holding ability, etc. But, what I'm hoping we saw Monday night was the first step toward beating her raging insecurity. For someone who has always had as much going for her as Amy, she has always been extremely insecure in her relationships. This is something her Dad called her on big-time in Shoot The Moon. She essentially falls in love with love, creating idealized versions. She may see her unilateral sacrifices as noble in the name of love, but I believe they have been out of fear and insecurity that her perfect relationship will end. She was terrified that Colin had been about to break up with her at the time of his accident. Would she have visited him as many times in the hospital if she wasn't carrying that fear? I don't know. But later, Colin was able to control her completely by even hinting that they were done. With the crackhead, Amy did things she would never have done otherwise (miss her beloved Dad's birthday, etc.) because she was afraid even that doofus would leave her alone. I always thought things would be different when she got together with Ephram, but I was wrong (until late in Monday's episode). By the way, I think one of the funniest lines of the season was when Amy told Hannah she was usually really secure with herself. But, then again, outside of her relationships she usually is. The reason she has been so paranoid about Madison is out of fear of not measuring up in Ephram's eyes. I mean the girl actually said Madison was prettier than her! And she was worried that Ephram wouldn't enjoy sex as much with her! In a sense, the intensity of her insecurity about Madison is a measure of the depth of her love for Ephram. The deeper that love became, the more insecure she became about losing him (hence the Hannah/Bright date disaster).
I guess in Amy's case anger initiates introspection. And it was long overdue. She should almost thank Ephram for pissing her off so badly. She may not have had this breakthrough on her own for months, or even years. I think she will now develop a new level of self-confidence and a much fuller (and thereby healthier) life, allowing her to bring more than ever to her relationship with Ephram; which will then be a strong relationship of equals. All of the unhealthy obsession, dependence, and, yes, insecurity will vanish. It may even become inconsequential whether Ephram ever addresses the Madison issue with her directly. I only hope there is time for all, or most, of this to happen before the next crisis.
I've always liked Amy in spite of her blemishes. In fact, her ability, and that of EVC, to make you like her in spite of some of the things she has done over the years, is remarkable. But I think I'm going to like the new Amy even more. To paraphrase Ephram: "Amy, you're a senior. It's time."

P.S. I still would have liked to see a bit more tenderness in that last scene.

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