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Outstanding discussion, everyone. I hope we can continue to have these in depth and interesting discussions as the episodes keep on coming.

Great point about Amy's age, The Crow. That's why I loved the dinner scene so much, mostly because it cracked me up, but also because Amy was acting like the perfect definition of a typical teenage girl, and it was fun to see. Think about it.. This girl, two years ago, was having to deal with comas and death. It's nice to see that her biggest beef right now is about her boyfriend doing something stupid, but by no means, terrible. I loved Amy's comments about Ephram/Bright, saying that they were two idiots for the price of one, because she was so right on. I just love how the E/A relationship works. They have flavors of intense maturity about so many things and then at other times, you see their teenage tendencies and it is so wonderful to see. But most of all, I simply love this relationship because their love for each other is ageless. It is something that can never be disputed. Their love for each other is deep and endless.

I think that's why I didn't get too fired up by Amy's actions because I thought they were pretty much in character, as well as understanding that this girl is huge on trust. Once that trust is broken, she is off with the gloves and ready to fight. We saw this with Harold and now Ephram. That's why I have no clue how she is going to react whenever she finds out that both her father and grandmother knew about the Madison pregnancy. Man, she is going to be livid. Harold's also going to be getting it from Rose, too.

The Crow.. With regards to the rest of your post, my thoughts and feelings are very much in agreement with you, as I have already stated as such. I will also say in response to your question about Ephram missing the boat on Princetongate. The answer is a big, fat, heck yeah! I wanted to jump into my tv screen and whisper into Ephram's ear to come clean with Princetongate, because I honestly feel like if he would have done so, Amy would have looked at it as a loving and noble thing, and she very much would have been okay with it. As I stated on the E/A thread on Monday night, I still think that once she does find out about Princetongate, she will be okay with it, just based on their conversation outside of Ephram's house. Yes, like I said earlier, I feel much better about Princetongate now. However, I really wanted Ephram to tell her then. Oh well, I still think once Princetongate comes out, they will get through it.

ergo.. That is so funny about the similarities between your girlfriend and the character of Amy. LOL

MAKRO, once again, even though I am cutting Amy a little more slack than you are, I totally see what you are saying. As far as your question about whether or not Amy's maturity at the end of this past episode will continue on or not, I really think that it will. I firmly believe that they are, in addition to narrowing down Amy's career path, also giving her some strength and maturity that she is going to need during these tough times that are just around the corner. I still believe that Amy will be Ephram's rock as Ephram was hers during season 1.. I also predict that Nina will be Andy's rock during this time.

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