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Okay, I'm going to jump right into this discussion as well, but I'm not going to apologize like ergo did because I'm not as nice....hehe...

I think one thing we are all losing in this discussion of Amy's behavior is her age. She is a senior in high school. Sure she has shown uncommon maturity in the past, but she has also gone the other way and had completely irrational behavior. Letting Ephram twist in the wind for a month because of his lie isn't all that out of character to me. She gave Harold the cold shoulder for weeks on end during the whole Colin thing, and what was her major gripe: betraying her trust. Now she feels like Ephram has betrayed her trust by going to see Madison, so he gets the cold shoulder too.

As for when her anger shifted, I got the impression that she really started considering that after her first discussion with Hannah, and I think it really became clear to her after the unseen second conversation. Maybe she wondered why she was so mad at Ephram, but I don't think she consciously realized the 'actual' reason behind that anger until Hannah forced her to actually talk about it (something Ephram should have done to her long ago).

Then we have her whole 'sacrifice' diatribe. Once again, I didn't find it too out of character for a teenage girl to be melodramatic. I certainly don't find it out of character for Amy. The point has already been made that she didn't 'sacrifice' all that much aside from fun things, so I won't go into that again, but I did understand what she was saying. Sure she knows that Ephram didn't ask her to give up all the things she gave up, but there is a difference between abstractly knowing something and emotionally reconciling that reality. In other words, while her resentment of Ephram was irrational, I can totally understand it. I don't support it, but I don't think it is this awful mean spirited thing.

I am glad that Amy came to this realization though. Amy's single minded devotion to their relationship has been the main thing that worried me, and it seems that she is coming to her senses. While it remains to be seen if she is going to swing to the other extreme, I do think that, in the long run, this development will serve to strenghten the Ephramy relationship. Oh, and is it just me, or did Ephram miss a great opportunity to come clean about the Princeton application? Do you think that revelation would have helped the situation, or made things worse?

I'll be back later with my thoughts on the episode overall...
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