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MAKRO, excellent points, as usual. I will also completely agree that Amy was being a bit over dramatic about having nothing and Ephram having everything. Although, I loved Ephram's comment back to her whenever he told her that he wouldn't have her. I thought that was powerful and even Amy seemed moved by that line, even though she tried to hide her emotions at the time. Anyway, back on topic. I also entirely agree with you that Ephram is also at risk of really getting screwed with his narrow choice of choosing piano, and only piano as his career, with nothing to potentially fall back on. Like you said, he could injure his hands in some way and/or be physically unable to perform. He could also not get into any conservatory's or even fail miserably during his attempt to succeed at a conservatory. He certainly is putting all his eggs in one basket and that is a huge risk and an "all or nothing" type of scenario. Then again, I think Amy might have been saying that Ephram knows what he wants to do in life, and she has no clue. Further into my post, I will explain what I mean. Back to Amy.. Yes, after reading your good points, I do believe Amy was a little over the top with her deduction of having nothing. The girl is a beautiful, intelligent and driven person. Her future does await her. And while she was right in saying that she did apply to all schools close to Ephram, which I think she was more pissed at herself for being so dead set on doing so, instead of also applying for some on her own, I do think that she applied to some really great schools that certainly are going to give her potential success and a superb future. So, I do believe the word "sacrifice" was a bit strong of a word.

Regarding this dance thing... Here's what I think is going on with Amy's sudden strive for figuring out some things for herself regarding her interests, etc.. I think the writers are going to have Amy go on the path of "disregarding potential career aspirations" to make her finally focus in on one career path. I agree that this dance thing will be a flop. Again, they are doing this for Amy to check off dance as a potential career move. Maybe in college, she will dance as more of a casual, fun activity, but what they are doing right now is having her check off dance as a potential professional career. That's how I see it. They will also have her maybe do a few more things such as get more involved with writing and then she finds out that this is also not her gig. Ultimately, what I think she will decide upon, and they have been giving hints throughout the entire year, is that she will decide to go pre-med. Her innate ability to research and study HD had even Jake impressed and he was shocked that she was an undecided major and not pre-med. The hints about biology/pre-med have been floating around all year. I definitely think that in addition to Hannah being the awesome best friend that she is, she will also enable and give Amy the incentive and realization that medicine is her calling. So, in my opinion of what I see going on, Amy's sudden interest in wanting to get back into other interests is for her to figure out that medicine is her calling and she will rule out other things before this. Dance, of course, being the number one thing. That's where I think the writers are going with this and I don't think it is about causing problems between E/A. If anything, like I said, they want to balance it out and make them both on the same level as far as the future is concerned, and in essence, their relationship will only flourish and be an equal footing, which we all know, is the best formula for a solid relationship.

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