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I don't remember where I read it, but I do remember reading something about the swords not being "real" swords. Something about the blades not actually having been sharpened like a real sword would be. And I also seem to remember something about the hilts and blades not being the real weight or something. Basically, you could break the sword if you swung it around and hit something hard enough.

I think that real swords, with the proper sharpened blades and everything have more shipping restrictions on them for most countries. But seeing as how these swords are technically for decoration, and aren't actually weapons, most countries don't have a problem letting them through customs.

Now if only I could remember where I read all of that so I could be sure I'm not imagining it.

OK, found some blurbs about it on the forums at tolkienonline:

Also, you MUST keep in mind that these are COLLECTOR sowrds and are not intended for use. The blades are made of Stainless Steel, which is not very suitable for a long sword blade, and the hilt furniture is cast from some non-ferrous metal (Zinc, I think) which probably means they are fairly brittle.

and also this...

As far as the strength of the swords, UC recommends they only be used for decoration. You'll probably be okay just slaying imaginary orcs and the dreaded Killer Weeds. I don't recommend you hit anything solid, such as other swords or tree trunks. I can tell you, however, that between Narsil and a ceiling fan, Narsil will win (don't ask)

and this is in the FAQ at The Mithril Armoury...

Are there some countries that will not allow United Cutlery movie prop replicas?

Yes, unfortunately, there are some countries who consider our movie prop replicas to be "weapons". So far, Spain, Italy, Japan, and Greece have declined to accept shipments from The Mithril Armoury based on this categorisation. We DO ship our items as movie prop replicas, but many packages are opened and inspected and the Customs Officer(s) make their own judgments.
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