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What? Closing? eek:
Go to the Music Board? Your kidding right? I don't even know where the music board is. I mean this can't be true. I came on this board and I found supporters of *Nsync something I don't have in my life, I always hear bad/negative stuff about how they're not getting together or just about Justin hisself. I mean this board was the one of the only places that I could post about my ideas and thoughts. If there is anyway that we could stop this from happening like a test run til the 22nd then please let us know. We love this board, I love this Board. Its fun for me to come here and read Age's posts and many others. I know I haven't been here in a few weeks but thats cuz I was sick and school. But I will be here NOW. PLEASE help us. This is like them "taking a break" all over again.

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