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Originally Posted by XChris76X (View Post)
I don't ever cry but I almost did I was so happy
lol that's probably cause you're a boy
i knew if blink was ever going to reunite i would cry lol that's just how i am, i cry when i'm REALLY happy, and in that moment i was more than REALLY happy, my heart was like exploding haha excuse my cheesiness lol

the weirdest thing is that it all just happened cause of travis accident, so this very very very very horrible event, had one good thing coming out of it.

tom said now that blink was back angels and airwaves wasn't going to break up though, he said it'd stay forever...he said that about blink and then he left...he also said blink could never what do you think about him saying that?

anyone heard marks new song? i love it.
it's so 60's and really catchy

god, how i love all the new things coming from them ^^
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