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Dominic Cooper♥Amanda Seyfried #3: Because "the attraction was instantaneous and unavoidable”

Welcome to the 3rd
Dominic Cooper & Amanda Seyfried thread.

This thread is for fans that support the love between the actors Dominic Cooper and
Amanda Seyfried. They first met in 2007 when they were cast as the young lovers
Sky and Sophie in the movie version of the ABBA musical Mamma Mia!, their
chemistry was explosive and soon that leaked into real life. While on set they
couldn’t keep their hands off each other and became inseparable they didn’t
want to hide they’re love from anyone and quickly the whole cast knew. All that
ended when they went back home (and to their partners) but the bond that was
created between them that summer was too strong to break. Amanda broke up
with her boyfriend soon after over what she felt for Dominic, Dominic on the other
hand went back to his girlfriend but quickly ended with her. Dominic and Amanda
had a ‘close friends’ status while promoting Mamma Mia! and she even went to
stay with him over Christmas in London but on the 7th January this year it was
announced that they are indeed a couple and a week later they proved it at the
Golden Globes by never leaving the other’s side, now they can finally let their
relationship out in the open. Amanda has even described Dominic has her
soulmate and never wants to live him without him. We all hope that they spend
the rest of their lives together.

the girl.
Full Name: Amanda Michelle Seyfried
Age: 23
Birthday: December 3, 1985
Birthplace: Allentown, Pennsylvania
Big Break: Mean Girls

the boy.
Full Name: Dominic Cooper
Age: 30
Birthday: June 2, 1978
Birthplace: Greenwich, London, England
Big Break: The History Boys [stage & film]

The Moments....

[by each other]

This Morning Interview
Amanda: Dominic is incredible at kissing
[Is Amanda a good kisser] Dominic: Absolutely

Daily Mail Interview
Amanda: ...‘all that sex-symbol stuff went way over my head.
I just found him funny and it was like we were
the same person – except that he’s British, almost
30 and a man! We both look like frogs with our
wide-set eyes, we’re both indecisive and neither of
us has a lot of willpower.’

Amanda: [I]Did she become involved with Cooper in order to get out of her relationship with Marchant?
‘Well, the fact that I felt something in my heart
for [Dominic]
made me feel that something was definitely wrong
– I sat and thought about it for weeks.’

Did she and Cooper see each other for a long time?
‘No, it wasn’t even like that. We just spent
time together and it was something nice.’
... 'He’s my best friend
and I want nothing but the best for him. We’re
always in touch, and I still speak to him.’
Dominic:'When I first met Amanda she kept telling me that
she couldn't sing
so, when we first went and met
the music director, this great man I'd worked with before
at the National Theater, I felt a bit more comfortable.
I started the duet and this awful sound came out,
like a haggard old man who couldn't reach any notes.
I thought 'it's okay. It kind of sounds all right'
then, suddenly this absolutely incredible voice came out of her
and it was another moment of absolute panic when I
realized I was singing alongside of someone with an incredibly
beautiful voice.'

MSN Interview
'...and I got to hang out, it was just me hanging out'
[and hanging out with Dominic isn’t to shabby either?]
'Yeah, he’s a funny guy. He’s just so funny, he’s
just like... he’s like the fourth of the three dads.
Their like
the four of them hilarious men.'

USA TODAY Interview
[Got a little chemistry working with you and your beau in the movie?]
'He’s so great, He’s such a great guy. It was fun.'

[by the media]

The Daily Mail
Earlier this year she became the focal point of a
drama centring on her co-star Dominic Cooper, when it emerged
that the couple had enjoyed a brief liaison
during the
making of Mamma Mia!.

The National Ledger
Could the newly dubbed young British heartthrob Dominic Cooper and
Amanda Seyfried bring just enough young sex appeal to this
weekend's other hit Mamma Mia?

The answer is yes, they were fabulous in their roles
and looked good together on screen.

The Daily Mail + Eyewitness
However, it appears he has also enjoyed a secret romance
with American actress Amanda Seyfried, 22 ? his co-star in the
forthcoming film version of the Abba musical Mamma Mia!

The couple took a trip to Bath earlier this month
where they were spotted in an intimate embrace in the
local branch of Cafe Rouge.
"They were hugging and Amanda had her arms around Dominic
and was kissing his neck," my spy reveals.
"They definitely looked as though they were an item."

His fling with Amanda began last summer after they met
on the set of the Abba film,
which also stars
Colin Firth and Meryl Streep.

The Daily Mail - (7/1/09)
Mamma Mia! stars Dominic Cooper and Amanda Seyfried leave London
club Mahiki together in a taxi last night after being
seen kissing in the club earlier

A spy in the club said: 'They really were all
over each other
, sharing a Treasure Chest [Mahiki's signature cocktail].
'They were kissing and holding hands, and being very tactile
with each other.

'They were sat next to each other on a table
of about 15 people, including actress Ashley Lilley, and looked
very at home together
. 'The Duchess star Dominic, 30, arrived
with 23-year-old Amanda and stayed until the club
closed at 3am
. (10/1/09)
Ending her week with some retail therapy, Amanda Seyfried was
spotted hitting up Barneys New York in Beverly Hills, California
yesterday (January 9).

The “Mama Mia” hottie was joined by her handsome boyfriend
Dominic Cooper, who looked to understand how to be a
gentleman as he held the door for his sweetie.

Daily Mail (11/1/09)
Last week, Cooper and Miss Seyfried – who played engaged couple
Sky and Sophie in the blockbuster Abba movie –
were caught
in an intimate clinch at London nightclub Mahiki
, a favourite
of the young Royals, and
last night sources close to
the actor confirmed that he is now dating Pennsylvania-born
Miss Seyfried.

Heat Magazine (21/1/09)
A pal of Amanda’s says, “Dom and Amanda are wild
for each other. Amanda describes Dominic as her soulmate and
‘other half’. She said that she can’t imagine being with
another man ever again”

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1. Because "They definitely looked as though they were an item."
2. Because it's more than just onscreen chemistry.
3. Because they can't keep away from each other.
4. Because they are the best of friends.
5. Because best friends make the best lovers.
7. Because she watches his interviews.
8. Because "I hear she is around, Someone keeps mentioning she is already here looking gorgeous".
9. Because she gave him her seat in first class.

Animation/Picture of the Moment

Previous Threads:
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Everything changes but beauty remains
Something so tender
I can't explain
Well I may be dreaming but till I awake
Can't we make this dream last forever
And I'll cherish all the love we share

A moment like this
Some people wait a lifetime
For a moment like this
Some people search forever
For that one special kiss
Oh I can't believe it's happening to me
Some people wait a lifetime.... for a moment like this.
do you believe me?

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