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…And re-united again.

But time has changed them…

Season 3, Episode 1: The Second Coming

Peter: *runs in to an abandoned warehouse. A gun clicks behind him. He stops, knowing instinctively who it is* Come on, Claire. It’s me. Put down the gun.
Claire: *walks towards him, gun in her hand* Can’t. It ends here.
Peter: *holding his hands up* Wait, wait! I’m going back to the day they all found out.
Claire: It’s too late.
Peter: *softer* What happened to you, Claire? How did you get to this place?
Claire: *bitterly* I’m different remember, special.
Peter: I can fix it. All of this, everything, please
Claire: *pointing a gun to Peter*: I'm sorry, Peter. I always loved you.

by Twiny

Season 3, Episode 2: The Butterfly Effect

Angela: You don’t screw with time. It’s called the butterfly effect. Step on a butterfly today; three years from now a million people are wiped out.
Peter: Let’s just hope it isn’t anyone I know.
Angela: *stops in front of him* And what if it is? What it if turns out to be someone you do know, someone you care about. *A pause* Claire.
Peter: *Pauses in what he’s doing, looking unnerved*

by BrathanSupporter

Claire: *steps away from the camcorder and walks onto the train tracks. A train can be seen and heard coming towards her*
Peter: *flies in from no-where, pushing her out of the way of the train. They both roll down a hill as the train goes past*
Claire: *getting up, angry* What are you doing?
Peter: What are you doing?
Claire: *hysterical* Trying to get hit by a train, what does it look like? I just wanted to feel alive again.
Peter: What happened to you?
Claire: Something awful. *starts to cry and embraces Peter. He hugs her back, tentatively*

*Peter and Claire are walking in a field. Claire has no idea Peter is from the future.*
Peter: What happened to you never should have happened, Claire. It’s my fault.
Claire: You can’t save me all the time, Peter. What happened was my fault. I can’t defend myself. Yeah, I can heal, but what kind of lame power is that? I’m still just a victim. You have to teach me. You learned how to use your power, you’ve fought him.
Peter: Claire...
Claire: You could help me do that.
Peter: I can’t. Not me, not now.
Claire: *confused and frustrated* Why not? I don’t understand!
Peter: *shouting* Because something can go wrong, and it changes everything!

moments by lauriedavis

by lucky_star79

And the world they live in isn’t the same

Season 3, Episode 4: I Am Become Death

Present Peter: I want to see Nathan, Claire, Suresh.
Fut. Peter: They are not the people you think they are
Present Peter: Why not?
Fut. Peter: Not all of us were born with abilities, okay? Some of us were made with them. A line was drawn. Sides were chosen, tore us apart.
*gun shots are heard. Future Peter is shot down. Future Claire appears, holding the gun*
Present Peter: *shocked* Claire?

Fut. Daphne: I’m not afraid of you.
Fut. Claire: No, but you are afraid of Peter and you know he won’t stop. Not ever. Until we find him and kill him.

Fut. Claire: I just killed my uncle and I have to do it again. Just give me a second to be a human being.

Present Peter: You’re going to kill me.
Fut. Claire: A bullet in the back of the head should do the trick. Dead. I’ll let the boy go.
Present Peter: *pleading* I’m not the guy who did this, Claire. This is me. You’re not going to kill me.
Fut. Claire: *coldly* Yes, I am.

by lucky_star79

Fut. Claire: *walks towards Peter with a scalpel in her hand. He is strapped down on an examination table, shirtless* Are you trying to teleport? That’s not going to work with my friend here. Two hundred thousand people died in Costa Verde. I want you to feel the pain for every single death that you caused. *slices his chest* That’s one.
Present Peter: I can save them, everyone in Costa Verde. This whole world doesn’t have to be like this, Claire. You don’t have to be like this. I saved you once and I can save you again.
Fut. Claire: *slices again. He winces in pain* That’s two.

by lauriedavis

Can they help each other and save the world?

Season 3, Episode 7: Eris Quod Sum

*Claire looks up and sees Peter falling from a window high up in the building. He hits the ground*
Claire: *running over to him* Oh, my God, Peter.
Peter: What are you doing here?
Claire: Why are you bleeding?
Peter: He took my ability, we need to go.

Peter: *shirtless as Claire is dabs at his wounds with a cloth* I keep thinking about that fall. How I didn’t hit as hard I should’ve. What if Sylar didn’t want me to die, what if he wanted to get me out of there alive?
Claire: By throwing you out of a window?
Peter: He could’ve used his ability to slow me down. I’m telling you, he saved my life, Claire.

by - Main Page

Only time will tell…

Season 3, Episode 9: It’s Coming

Peter: *packing a suitcase in his apartment*
Claire: *coming in through the door* We have to get out of here.
Peter: I know. And you’re not coming with me.
Claire: What?
Peter: *pulling on a jacket* I’m gonna go someplace where they can’t find me. And you’re going home.
Claire: Peter, I have to protect you.
Peter: I can protect myself, Claire.
Claire: How? You don’t have your powers, your father’s trying to kill you!
Peter: This isn’t your fight. I need you to stay…*he trails off*
Claire: Stay what?
Peter: *pauses* Innocent.
*banging can be heard from the apartment door*

by lauriedavis

*Peter and Claire have escaped from Knox and Flint and are walking along a sewer*
Peter: I told you, you have to go home.
Claire: I’m not going home, Peter.
Peter: *stopping* You still have a chance, Claire.
Claire: I left home so I could fight these people and I have. I can protect myself now, I can protect you.
Peter: *looks back the way they just came, clearly troubled* That’s the problem.
Claire: What’s this all about?
Peter: That alley back there? That’s where you kill me.
Claire: *in disbelief* What?
Peter: In the future you find me and you shoot me. Twice, in the chest.
Claire: *wrought with emotion* What are you talking about? Why would I do that?


Peter: Claire, just – just go home. Please.
Claire: No. It’s not gonna happen. And it’s all your fault. You never should have come to Odessa to save me and you should have never become my friend or my hero. Now I can’t leave you, because I have a favour to return.
*They proceed to have massive eye!sex before Flint and Knox catch up with them*

by lauriedavis

by lucky_star79

Future Thread Titles Suggestions

I wanna know what might have been First love just never ends,
Don’t wanna make you sad, I never wanna see you cry
'Cause we found something sacred, something we can't ignore
And I know it's not just passion that's touched me so deep

"You, for example. League to Legend to killer to captain.
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