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Sean Faris/Dino Whitmas Thread app #2~He's funny, he's sweet and looks well endowned

* made by the lovely Radiant Gray *

Welcome to the the Sean Faris/Dino Whitman thread. We love him. This thread is to honor the amazing actor and character. Be positive, post pictures, be a happy fan. Don't bash others, or the man or character.

* made by the lovely Janine *

Pictures of The Man

Little Sean and Dino facts

1. Sean was a model
2. Sean was born March, 25, 1982
3. One of his first movie roles was a small part in Pearl Harbor
4. He played Darren on MTV's undressed
5. Sean was named the Junior Male model of the year at the International Model and Talent Association at a event in 1999.
6. Sean was a highschool jock in school also.

Funny quote of the moment

"For two weeks, I had the entire neighborhood believing I was Tom Cruise's son - until my step-sister spilled the beans on me."~ Sean Faris

Ok thanks and if you want me to add anything just shout.

Should we have a list of supporters?
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