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Milo/Peter #94: B/C We miss Milo and want him to come out of hiding.

Welcome to the Peter Petrelli/Milo Ventimiglia Appreciation thread
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Milo Ventimiglia plays a male nurse in this ensemble drama.

  • <LI itxtvisited="1">Milo Promo Pic
    Thanks to Sarah (Shanti70) for letting us know about it <LI itxtvisited="1">HQ Promo Pic of Milo
    Thanks to Sab for bringing it to us <LI itxtvisited="1">Ensemble Cast
    Thanks to Ali for letting us know about it and Lucia for finding the bigger version <LI itxtvisited="1">Milo with Adrian Pasdar <LI itxtvisited="1">HQ pic of Milo and Adrian
    Thanks to Sab for bringing it over for us <LI itxtvisited="1">HQ pic of the ensemble cast
    Thanks to Sandi for bringing it to our attention <LI itxtvisited="1">Milo with some of his cast mates, taken at a special screening of the show on May 24th. <LI itxtvisited="1">Milo and Hayden Panettiere at the NBC Upfronts on May 15th.
    Thanks to Roberta for hosting the last two pics <LI itxtvisited="1">A new picture has surfaced of Milo and some of his cast mates at the Upfronts in NYC, you can see it HERE. <LI itxtvisited="1">New official promo pics of Milo can be found HERE
    Thanks to Jess for hosting them <LI itxtvisited="1">Milo and cast during Comic-Con's Q&A panel discussion: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7
  • 2 new pics from the cast at Comic-Con: 1 and 2
    Thanks to Ali (Holly Gilmore) for bringing them to our attention

visit the Peter Petrelli Community at youtube HERE

  • Screencaps of the small clip posted on the site:
  • <LI itxtvisited="1">1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26
    Thanks to Jess for making these <LI itxtvisited="1">59 caps of the 411 clip HERE.
    Thanks to Ali for making them!
    Please Note: please don't directly link to them
  • 184 caps of the Extended Trailer HERE.
    Thanks to Ali for making them!
    Please Note: please don't directly link to them
  • <LI itxtvisited="1">
    Amazing banner made by Cris and hosted by Darcy <LI itxtvisited="1">By jenna_mariexx- Banner #1
  • By tearsofglitter- WP #1
  • <LI itxtvisited="1">The official Heroes site can be found HERE <LI itxtvisited="1">9th Wonders will contain updated news and information about Heroes
    Thanks to Darcy for the link <LI itxtvisited="1">Preview/Promo clips of Heroes can be seen at HERE
    Thanks to OC for letting us know about it <LI itxtvisited="1">Tim Sale (who does the artwork for the series) has his official site HERE <LI itxtvisited="1">Go HERE to see 3 clips of the Heroes Comic-Con panel discussion. Please note that this will play the first clip. To the right of the clip you'll see links to click on for clip #2 and clip #3.
  • Milo's character video profile can be downloaded HERE

Original opening post by Kelly_mv

Future title suggestions:

B/C We want to be those two beads of sweat.
B/C If you bounce a quarter off his butt it'll come back fifty cents.
B/C It always comes back to THE butt.
B/C We love all of his 2000 parts!
B/C We'd like to lick Milo.
B/C It must be hard to be incredibly handsome.
B/C He can rock a suit like nobody's business
B/C We're counting down to darker Peter now!!
B/C He's sweeter than chocolate and probably tastes better too!
B/C milo is the best exercise machine there is
B/C We want Peter to kiss, the way Jess does!
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