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Earth Sea Appreciation #1

Did anyone else watch this mini-series on Sci-Fi? What did you think?

I thought it was okay. I didn't think it was as good as they hyped it up to be. I thought the ending was horrible. It seemed like it all happened too fast and it was over. And that last line about it being another story what happened to them - <cough Neverendingstoryripoff cough>.

I thought the cast was good. The villan king, I think he was a king, was very good in that role.

I think they should have stretched it out a little longer to explain some more things and give it a proper ending. Make it a three part series instead of a two part.

I found the Skeletor evil creature slightly annoying, just the way he talked. I loved the landscape of the islands and the buildings.

I like the whole idea of Earthsea. I really liked their wizarding school, almost seemed to put Hogwarts to shame. If magic were real, I'd rather go to that school I think.

I loved the idea of secret names. That actually comes from the Bible originally. I like how when a wizard spoke it, it sounded different.

I didn't quite understand what the Faith Women were and were all about. Something I don't feel the movie explained very well. Also, the nameless creatures being released at the end seemed confusing too.

Guess you have to buy the book to understand. :p
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