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I don't think that Pacey showed his feelings directly but you can see from the way he looks at Joey,or talk about her to Dawson or later try very lamely to object that he likes her with Jen that he indeed feels something that goes beyond friendship for her. And from this episode on these feelings will grow and grow and become always more evident.
About Joey i still not see jealousy in her reaction. She reacted very badly even when she found Jack making out with Abby at Dawson's birthday party and we all know that she wasn't in love with Jack at the time. She didn't react well to Gretchen too when she saw her with Dawson and we all know that at the time she loved pacey.
Joey tends to overreact about these things. I think that she was getting closer to Pacey during these first episodes of season 3 and they were really becoming friends. They supported each other through the Dawson and Andy break ups and she had gotten to know the softer side of him(Just think at the way she reacted when he first showed her his boat"True Love". She was touched and thought it was a really sweet thing). She just saw the whole situation as absurd and immoral and the fact that a friend is actually doing it just indignate her. Especially because she knows how Pacey really is .And let's tell the truth the fact that Jen was somehow the lady just bothered her a lot. I didn't see anything strange in her reaction to Dawson either. When she did came back later she was actually just going back to take her coat. I don't even think she knew that Pacey was still there. Then when she saw him went to him to talk,because deep inside she knew she overreacted and Dawson's words also made her thinking about the situation.
From Cinderella story on is obviously a total different story. There are a lot of sings that actually show her feelings for him,but I really began to notice a returned interest in her only after the "To Green with love"episode.
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