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I dont think that Pacey showed feelings for Joey in this episode any more than Joey showed feelings for Pacey. In fact it was Pacey who was concerned with getting it on with Jen all episode, but it was Joey who freaked out when she saw Pacey and Jen while Dawson sort of laughed it off. It was also Joey who went back to get Pacey at the ballroom. I think its a bit naive to say that all Joey had was friendly feelings of concern for Pacey at that point, I think it was a genuine shock to her that she felt what she did when she saw Pacey and Jen. Keep inmind how Joey reacted later on when she found out Pacey was supposedly only hanging out with Joey because Dawson had asked and when Pacey first kissed JOey how she reacted so harshly and the general concensus was why would she react like that if it wasnt a big deal to her.

I think from Joeys past actions we can deduce that she did feel something past friendly concern and its not a crazy notion seeing as JOey and Pacey were being set up to be together later on.
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