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Jazz, I'm only ocassionally SW obsessed, too. Like when hubby downloaded that teaser trailer for Ep3 a few weeks back, I was drooling over how evil Anakin looked. But with hubby it's a 24/7 obsession which started when he was a kid and will last until the day he dies.

Angela, you and me both! I'd have whole rooms full of stuff. In my dream house I have a whole wall full of swords, banners hanging as curtains, and a big map of Middle-earth painted on the ceiling. *sigh* One day, maybe. The map is definitely gonna happen one day, though. I've decided I'm gonna paint it on a huge canvas, and then rip the edges up so they look ratty and old, and then I'm gonna have it mounted on the ceiling.

I love the hilts of the Rohirric swords. I think it's so cool how they've got the horse heads on each side.

Oh, and I could so imagine that Phial of Galadriel conversation.
"When she gave it to Frodo she said it'd be a light for him in dark places, when all other lights go out. Then, when he's stuck in Shelob's lair, about to get eaten, he whips out the phial and shouts in Elvish, and the phial glows bright white and it scares Shelob off."
And I'd be saying it all with a totally straight face, too, completely serious.

A couple weeks back I was in a bookstore, seeing if they had the revised, coffeetable book version of the LotR Locations Guidebook, and I was looking at all the Tolkien books in the SciFi section. Hubby commented that LotR didn't really fit under "SciFi", and I agreed.....I said it really belonged in the history section.

Have you guys heard about the 9 disk soundtrack box set? I think it's coming out next year sometime. I haven't bought any of the soundtracks so far, but this would be a must have.
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