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HC Board Post Count #8: Counting down to the big 100K!

Check out this graph to see the development of the post counts since March 2007. It will update automatically every month.

[By Jessie (4N6 DNA)]


I thought it'd be nice if we did an unofficial post count for the board to see how we're doing. The official post counting by the Management Team is being done on a monthly basis so I think it's useful for us to keep our eye on the post count to make sure we'll stay above the 105 posts/week limit.

In this thread we can set goals for weekly post counts, celebrate milestones and also think of ways to increase the traffic even more and attract new posters (how we can get members who don't post here to visit and guests to join and start posting here) and maybe get some old posters who haven't been to the board for a while to come back. If you have ideas, please do share!

We seem to get around 150-300 posts depending on the week and I think that's pretty well for a small board like this. Anyway, we have always done a good job staying above the 105 posts/week limit and I hope everyone will keep up the good work so our beloved board will continue to be here for the pleasure of us all.

Also, here's a reminder of the "48 Hour Rule" that I think we all should keep in mind. I hope and believe that this won't be a problem on our board but just in case.

If we notice that any forum goes for more than 48 Hours without a post, we’ll send a warning Private Message to the moderators of that forum, and we’ll do an immediate post count for that forum, starting with the date that the warning was issued, and ending one week later, and if that forum has a weekly post count that is less than 100 posts, it will be closed. If that forum meets the 100 post requirement for the week after the initial warning was issued, the forum will remain here, but if it goes for another 48 hours without a post any time after we issue that warning, it will be closed without any further warnings.
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