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The SATC finale - What would you have done different?

In my own opinion the SATC finale was great!! 9.5 on a scale from 1-10. But if I could have done something different, I would have wanted it to focus much more on the girls and their life as friends and less on what was going on as far as their love lives.

I had always said that it wouldn't have hurt my feelings too badly if Carrie had stayed single, maybe because thats the way I was used to seeing her. Trust me I enjoyed the action between her and Big in the finale. But what if the girls had stayed single and it had ended kind of like it started, just the girls sipping cocktails and being pissed off by men. I guess if it had ended like that then the six seasons we went through would have been for naught.

But in the finale I really wanted it to be more about friendships than found love. I wish Carrie had gotten out of Paris sooner. Or better yet had never went. I wanted her home with the girls, sipping Cosmos at some smoke filled "it" club of the week. As much as I loved the progression of the girls characters and the men that came into their lives. I really longed for the old days. I wanted to see more of that tied into the finale. Maybe if one of the girls, preferably Sam for me, had stayed single and kept the ****** men persona it would have brought back a little of the old feel for me, I'm not sure.

So basically I'm asking. What would you guys have liked to have seen different? Was it perfect to you? Did it end like you would have wanted it to..everyone with the right guys or do you wish it would have been done another way.
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