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My weekend was very good thanks I was over at my best friend's place Friday and spent the night there, had wayyy too much pizza,popcorn, chocolate and pepsi and I couldn't fall asleep until just before 8 a.m in the morning, so that wasn't very nice,but before that was great,we watched Becoming Jane and a bunch of Gilmore Girls episodes...on Saturday I spent the day still at the same place,watching again Gilmore Girls and chatting with my friend...Saturday night I went to another friend's place,where I saw a bunch of my girlfriends,we talked and ate snacks and then we went clubbing,it was great, danced for like 2,5 hours,awesome allthough it was less awesome in my Sunday salsa class,my inner thigs hurt so bad!!

and today I had dinner with my sis and we went to see Wall-E,it was great

and tomorrow's my birthday,wooooooo

let's see, I just finished Las Vegas season 1, am just about to start House M.D season 3 on dvd,also have that 70's show season 3 and Scrubs season 4 on hold for me to watch also on dvd...

old (new-er) shows: One Tree Hill (current season)
am gonna start following Ugly Betty new season

watching on tv: Private practice season 1
Las Vegas season 4 (like only 1 or 2 episodes left...)
Entourage season 3
America's next top model cycle 7

I don't have any new "new" shows that I'm following...
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