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It's too late for me to say anything smart, it's been a surprisingly hard day, but...

Originally Posted by 'Tos (View Post)
Yes, Delia grew up and her stories had to reflect that. She couldn't have the cutesy, little kid stories that she had in season one (which I love, of course), but how interesting would it have been to see her growing up and still having a bond with Nina, and especially Edna? The cutesy stories were easy with those two, but it's more challenging to see a preteen or a teenager have a relationship with them. People don't just lose their bonds so easily, and I never understood that at the very least we didn't get a few scenes of Edna and Delia reminiscing, or Nina trying to help out Delia but Delia being resistant. If they weren't going to continue the bond, at least give us a few scenes that reference it. It all just disappeared suddenly.
I just recalled that Delia went wedding-dress shopping with Edna in season four, so maybe they were trying to imply that the relationship was there and always had been...
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