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Originally Posted by 'Tos (View Post)
As to the scene in "Reckoning", sweet looks and beer, that's still really slashy. Hee. By the way, for such a social guy, Bright's birthday in that episode is so unbelievably sad. I mean, it's kind of supposed to be depressing with the whole Hannah-not-there vibe, but it's really depressing..
What I found even more depressing about this birthday episode is that Ephram actually organized this celebration....said he was going to make calls.....and who attended? That's right.....Amy and Ephram and Bright. Oh, and later....Stephanie. What arrangements did Ephram make? I think that the only call he made was to Stephanie!
Doesn't Bright have any other friends? No wonder he was depressed enough to drink himself into enough of a state that he falls through a window.
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