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As to the scene in "Reckoning", sweet looks and beer, that's still really slashy. Hee. By the way, for such a social guy, Bright's birthday in that episode is so unbelievably sad. I mean, it's kind of supposed to be depressing with the whole Hannah-not-there vibe, but it's really depressing.

Andy looked kind of afraid when talking to Hannah. Chris Pratt talking to Mr. Crazy wine-tasting expert afraid. I did love his "have we ever done that?" to them talking. Everwood doesn't get meta very often, but that was hilarious. Does that even count? Whatever, I'm counting it.

I always thought Harold liked Ephram quite a bit. When Ephram is giving Amy the mixed CD as a gift in season one and Harold has to lie and say she's out, Harold looks sooo sympathetic, and then takes Ephram's side after when he knows Amy is being unfair. And his "why do you look like you might throw up?" in a previous scene between them is just so good. Until super sperm, the only thing he had against Ephram was Andy. Which actually might be just as bad as super sperm, but he did seem to like the kid. He might see himself a bit in Ephram? Harold was a total introvert as Ephram's age, In a totally different, marching band way. I could actually see Amy and Ephram turning into Rose and Harold in a way. I think they would have a wonderful relationship as adults.

Oh, I just watched that scene again in "Shoot the Moon". What a scene! Ooph. Oh Tom! You're so good. Frickin' hell, give that man a show! Harold talking about how he wanted to play music, referencing how he wanted to be a surgeon. Aw. Harold. Yes, they needed more scenes. Tom and everyone, really.

You could see how comfortable Andy was talking with Amy the morning after Ephram returned home from NYC. The Brown kitchen was chaotic. Sam was running around trying to get a can of soda. Andy was trying to get Delia out of the house with Nina. The phone was Amy. Delia gives Andy the phone. "Oh hi, Amy!" he says so comfortably. "Can you call back later?" It was if they spoke together very often. The look that Ephram gave Andy was priceless.
Absolutely, absolutely. I so wish they had continued with it, just even a few more scenes showing their new relationship. It's so interesting, it's that cross-generational storytelling that Everwood does so well. You wouldn't see that relationship on any other television show, and sadly, we only really heard about it on Everwood. This show needed, like, three more episodes a season to fit every interaction we all wanted in.

I think got semi off topic about three times in this post. It's late, I'm rambling.
“[People] talk to me about these characters as if they’re real, and they’re not real, but they’ve become real...I really think, shows like this one, you have an attachment to them. They’re like friends you check in on."
-Greg Berlanti on Everwood

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