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I figured that's what you were doing, I was throwing my hat in for the keep it side.

Did Bright ever thank Andy? Come to think of it...did Harold ever thank Andy for that?
Harold never has to thank anyone. He has that look that does it. You know that look. "I'm forever grateful for your help, and you know it, you arrogant bearded lunatic". He does that to Andy a couple of times in season one.

I had thought that Bright would have had a moment thanking Andy either after this, or after Andy saved Colin. Maybe even a talk after Colin's death, now that would have been awkward but really great, I think. Great thoughts on what they could have talked about. Harold, for sure. Maybe they somehow meet, and they joke about Harold to each other. Talking about Ephram, definitely. Ephram would kill Bright if he ever found out, but Bright has insight into Ephram that Andy can't get (and Andy has insight into Ephram that Bright can't get).

OH! Gosh, that totally spurred why I posted my thoughts in the first place and then forgot when I was talking about Amy and Delia. Amy and Andy! Specifically, their moments when Ephram went away to New York and I had hoped they would continue that relationship. Amy talked about how she spent lots of time with Andy, and I figured they were going somewhere with that, but nope. Now that would have been fun. Plus you can get the topics that Bright would talk with Andy with Amy too, and probably more realistically. If anyone has insight into Ephram, it's Amy. I could imagine them talking much more than I could Bright/Andy. It'd be kind of forced to get the two guys together often, but Amy and Andy would be a lot easier. Amy's the type by season three that I can almost imagine her coming over just to hang with Andy. Now imagine Ephram walking into that! Eesh. Get some baby pictures involved, and we've got torture. I really thought they were going to have them interact more when Amy mentioned hanging with Andy in the premiere to season three, but I think they even ended up interacting less, if possible!
“[People] talk to me about these characters as if they’re real, and they’re not real, but they’ve become real...I really think, shows like this one, you have an attachment to them. They’re like friends you check in on."
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