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Andy/Bright...funny, in the scene I just recapped in "Reckoning," it's the beginning of Bright's drunken birthday celebration, and Ephram offers to cover the tab with one of Andy's credit cards, alleging that Andy would've wanted to buy Bright a drink anyway. Bright happily exclaims, "I knew I liked him!" So if he already felt that way, maybe there was a little more to their relationship than just sweet looks, heh.

The lack of much Amy/Delia interaction is one of my big disappointments. Neither character was among my top five (though I liked every character on the show -- it's just that I loved a select few), but I did love what little we were shown between the two. A friendship between the two just would have made so much sense, especially given that Delia was more than likely someday going to become the Amy Abbott of her high school class. And Amy, being only a few years older, wouldn't have brought with her any "substitute mom" baggage the way women in Andy's life had the potential to do.

I also have to concur with the disappointment regarding such minimal Ephram/Harold. I understand it, because there really wouldn't be a great deal of interaction between a teenage boy and his on/off-girlfriend's dad. But that being said, their scene in "Shoot the Moon" was lovely and provided some really great insight into Harold, and a few more scenes along these lines wouldn't have hurt anyone.

There's another character match-up that I could have stood to have seen more of, but I've already discussed that ad nauseam in various other threads! But on a marginally related note, Andy and Hannah in "Foreverwood" were weird and kind of hilarious. Had Everwood survived, they could've had one scene together a season, in which they awkwardly discuss how odd it is to be talking to one another.
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