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Tonights episode was a little disappointing. .

First of all the Marcus/Courtney storyline was not taken in the direction that I thought it would. I did like somewhat that Courtney was using her sex appeal to their advantage. Most times I would be shaking my head but I thought it was good for her to have some fun. At least to get into the party. I thought that she was going to drop her father's name then she pulled the sweet talking. After she got into the party I think she was going a little too far. I wonder what she said? hmm.. A good thing about it is that it leaves things open for us to see more of Marcus in upcoming episode. I was also disappointed that Marcus didn't stay with Courtney. Even if she was acting like. There is NO WAY that I would leave a highschool girl or any female-friend of mine who has been drinking alone in a frat house during a frat party.

The acting was on fire tonight though. If there is one thing that was surperb about the episode it was the acting. Good job by all. Especially Matt and Christine who shined in their scenes together even more so then always.

I'm glad that Bobby is exploring a father figure other then Jack. Peter is a fine example. I hope that with the time to come that they can grow with each other. Like the issue of doing things to your best potenial that was thought to Bobby tonight. His mother tries to push that point to Bobby as well but in a way that he fears to let her down. With Peter being "let down" can be a true learning experience. I wish that with Bobby being around that we have at least seen Chloe and himself meet.

I can understand how Missy would be with Jack after everything. She was more angry at Courtney because she lied to her. Jack told the truth and things even said that in Courtney's journal. That Jack didn't kiss her, Courtney kissed him. So it is understandable that she forgives him.

I understand that Jack was mad at Grace for insulting Missy's father but come on. If Grace didn't say something that I would have been extremly disappointed in her as a character. To the point that I might have tried to jump into the tv set and say something to him. Go Grace!

Grace is really taking the point to try and change her ways. Good for her. I'm gald she is giving Jack a true postion of power by saying that he could search through her things to keep her on track. Jack has always been a parent in a way. Now it even applies more to his mother and she finally really sees that.

I felt so bad for Tom being turned into a joke like that and by his lower peers. Poor Tom. I'm sure it was a learning experience though. I thought he did just say Grace was beautiful in the moment when he said that this episode. Then he lets the truth come out. Good boy. Also good for Grace to want to stop things before they run the risk of really being something even more highly inapporite(sp?). He finally kissed her. That gave me a happy. Some what, I still hope the little flirting remains high with both of them. When that student walked in and broke them up it was the most hilarious thing. The little scene as he was trying to get out of there was priceless.
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