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Oh, no, I saved January's write-outs. Just had to find the scene. I forgot which BH novel this was from, either Summer Love or More Than Words. And whether this title's kosher (i.e., canon enough), I don't even know, LOL. But I can see that you love it.

She drove to the beach club and sat in her car for a long time before going up to the Taylor-Silver cabana. She entered without knocking and found Dylan nervously waiting for her.
He stood up. "Scrabble?" he asked.
"Sure," Kelly said.
The space between them was nothing. In a second they crossed it and were in each other's arms kissing passionately.
They spent the day together, lying in the sun, playing in the waves, riding bicycles. During the hottest part of the afternoon, they even played Scrabble under a big umbrella. They touched occasionally, setting off exciting bursts in Kelly's body. They did not speak of Brenda or the possibility that they might be doing something wrong by just being together. Dylan bought her dinner at Enyart's Pacifica.
After dinner, they strolled back to the beach club along the edge of Pacific Coast Highway. On one side, cars rushed by them in both directions. On the other was the beach and the ocean, looking dark and mysterious. Kelly had a sweater over her shoulders because of the cool wind blowing in from the ocean.
Kelly knew what Dylan was thinking about, and she was thinking about the same thing. If it weren't for Brenda, they surely would be going back to the cabana.
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