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Desperate Housewives: The new Sex and the city?

I figured I'd post this article from US weekly on here since it talks a lot about SATC.

Have Carrie and Co. moved to Wisteria Lane? Check out the shocking similiarities between the two sets of women.

The oversexed blonde: Edie is Samantha

How they're alike: Kim Cattral, 48, has said that her Sex persona Samantha Jones "doesn't apologize for her sexuality." Ditto for hot-bodied divorcee' Edie Britt (Nicolellete Sheridan), who apparently will stop at nothing to lure Wisteria Lane stud Mike Delfino-her wiles include taking a public sponge bath. And, costar Longoria tells Us, "Nicollette in a bra and panties with a whip!" is coming soon.

Expert opinion: "Edie's a bit more desperate than Samantha, but they're cut from the same see-through cloth," says Us TV critic John Griffths.

Ms. Outwardly perfect: Bree is Charlotte

How they're alike: Perfect looks, flawed relationships. Sex's Charlotte York took pains to present "the outer signs of a happy marriage," Kristin Davis, 39 said. Sound familiar? Rather than admit she and living-at-a-motel hubby Rex were in counseling, Bree Van De Kamp told pals they were taking tennis lessons.

Expert opinion: "If Charlotte mated with a Stepford wife, you'd get ridiculous perfectionist Bree," says E! Online TV columnist Kristin Veitch.

The Resident Fashionista: Gabrielle is Carrie

How they're alike: "Carrie is a free-for-all in the wardrobe department," Sex's Sarah Jessica Parker, once said. If Carrie moved to the burbs, she'd face stiff competition from ex-model Gabrielle Solis; she has mowed her lawn in an evening gown and worn stilettos while teaching a kid to ride a bike! "Gabrielle is always inappropriately dressed," Longoria tells Us. "I wear all the fun clothes."

Expert opinion: "They also share the same vice: hot men on the side," notes Veitch.

The Careerminded mom: Lynette is Miranda

How they'are alike: "Miranda is not full of the glow of motherhood," Sex's Cynthia Nixon, 38, has said of her lawyer alter ego. Neither is Lynette Scavo, a big show exec turned stay-at-home mom who once left three of her misbehaving kids roadside. "I love giving a voice to the difficulty of motherhood," Huffman has said.

Expert opinion: Says Griffths, "These two are the most real of the bunch. And they both have a love-hate attitude toward their guys."

The insecure single: Susan is...Stanford?

How they're alike:
OK, bear with US: It's not just that divorced mom Susan Mayer and Carrie's gay pal Stanford Blatch act goofy with men. Says Hatcher, "Susan is kind." And Garson has said, "As Stanford can be..he has a really good heart and deserves a great guy." Susan, too!

Expert opinion: "They're both so good at being humilated." says Veitch.

The boy toy: John is Smith

How they're alike:
Hot Sex actor Smith Jerrod got older woman Samantha Jone's post-chemo libido blooming again. Love blossomed for Gabrielle and gardner/high-school student John when he gave her a perfect rose. And though the Housewives couple have to keep their love scnees rated PG (this isn't HBO!) Metcalfe's ripped bod wont go to waste: "I'll be basically naked every episode," he tells Us.

Expert opinion: "They're so good-looking," says Veitch, "you could care less whether they can form intelligent thoughts."

The Rugged Romantic: Mike is Aidan

How they're alike:
Both dog-lovers seemingly have blue-collar jobs. "He's sweet and funny," John Corbett 43 told us of Carrie's ex, furniture maker Aidan Shaw. Susan's crush, "plumber" Mike Delfino seems a total catch--but what secret is he hiding?

Expert opinion: Jokes Veitch, "They're both good with their hands.: Adds Griffths, "Like Aidan, Mike's a knight with a shy smile, but there's an edge."


So, what do you guys think? Is this SATC part two?
Bump Pacey & Joey..I want Katie and Josh to be together.

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