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Damn, I need to see that Oprah interview.

That was me and Katie, actually. He said he liked it rough, who are we to resist the Pitt?
Exactly. Who could resist him? No one. Not one person.

Crazy people if anything.


Ah, I'm in a Brad mood now. I wish O12 was in theaters now.

I was trying to watch a preview online for "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" but it wasn't working. See, this is why Brad needs a board, he has these movies coming out.

I think Brad's the hottest when he's all prettyboyed-up. Like on Friends! He was so hot there in his cute little vest and "i hate rachel" mantra. Aww.
He was so delicious on Friends. Oh my goodness. He looked scrum-diddly-umpcious.
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