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Originally posted by ergo3
The Ephram and Amy interaction was actually perfect, especially the end.
Yes indeed. Ephram and Amy were absolutely perfect. And that end scene, OMG, it was amazing. I just love them. I LOVE the bantering at the end whenever Amy mentioned Tommy as she walks away to get a jealous response from Ephram and sure enough, Ephram came through with plenty of jealousy! I love whenever Amy asked him if he felt threatened. Too cute! The realness between them is simply amazing. Whenever Ephram gave her that neckless, I melted. He thinks of them in an INFINITE way. Perfect. This couple blows me away.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Amy and Ephram? Their scenes together feel so real...especially that last scene. The way they play off of each other is perfect.
Um, I always mention how much I LOVE E/A. I couldn't agree with you more. My love for E/A is endless. They are real as hell and the natural chemistry going on between Greg/Emily as E/A is something special. They only had two scenes together and they conquered these scenes with intense sparks and fireworks. They simply amaze me. I can't say enough about them, and yet, whenever I do, I still feel at a loss for words because I can't entirely explain how incredibly amazing this couple is together. I. Just. Love. Them.

This show is the perfect marriage of good writing and good acting, and I'm glad to see it going so strong 3 seasons into it.

Epram and Amy's relationship is one of those rare relationships that I can actually see making it through college and then through life. I think that the writers will try and mess with it throughout the duration of the series, but I doubt they could ever convincingly break those two up.
WORD. If they mess with them, you said it perfectly, they will never convincingly break up these two. I have never been more convinced of any tv couple destined for a happy ending as I am this one. They WILL get the happy ending. There simply is no other alternative for these two. They are meant to be.

Other bits...

I simply love Edna. She rocks. Love her little "Birds & The Bees" singing at the beginning. Love how the writers keenly clued us in on what the eppie was about in such a subtle way. Love how the brilliant Edna ripped Jake a new a$$hole for being an unprofessional idiot by running to Andy and indirectly filling him in on Ephram getting tested. Love Edna's talk with Amy. Edna rules and that's all there is to it.

Liked the Amy/Hannah scene. Hannah felt so much more comfy with Amy in this episode and that was great to see.

Bright/Hannah.. Felt terribly for Hannah but was kind of shocked that Hannah would try kissing him. That seemed sort of out of character for her to do but all the same, I felt terribly for her but I liked Bright's explanation and love how he gave her that "I am sorry" card and ketchup bottle stuff. Sweet. Not sure if they are going to go with Bright/Hannah in the future. I actually could see it eventually happening but not for a while. I thought they had some good chemistry going on.

Loved the Bright/Amy interaction. Loved the advice Amy gave Bright. Really sweet.

Felt badly for Nina. Andy is one clueless dude.

Oh and Harold's talk with Amy was freaking hilarious.

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