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Roles you want Emilie to play...

I was thinking about all the characters I'd want to see Emilie play and what came to mind was the character Nikki from the book Porno. It's the sequal to the book/movie Trainspotting. There's been some talk about making Porno into a movie and if it is made, I want Emilie to be Nikki.

The character is a college student, she's English, and she works in a "spa". The girl gets involved with the character Sick Boy and he has a brilliant idea to make a Porno movie. Nikki wants to be in it. She's outgoing and a free thinker, but she does have some morals.

I think she would be great in this role. It would give Emilie a chance to show off more acting chops. She'd get to work with Ewan McGregor, who I love. Also the character is described to look just like Emilie.

so how about everyone else? is there a specific role or movie you want her to be in? do you want her to work with a specific person? post away...
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