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Originally Posted by HalesNLuke (View Post)
I also loved the nice touch they had at the end, where they had Sam & Dean erase the footage before leaving.. I liked that they ended it with the boys pulling one over on Ed & Harry very much like the end of Hell House..
That was great. I kept thinking through the ep that the boys are supposed to be dead - wouldn't them showing up on television kindof blow that story? But then Sam and Dean worked together to take care of that problem.

Originally Posted by ~CountryBumpkin~ (View Post)
Loved that they used, "It's my Party" I've always loved that song.
That's was one of my favorite songs when I was a kid (my mom liked the singer Lesley Gore). But now I'm wondering if there's always going to be a slightly creepy feeling to it now when I hear it.........

Originally Posted by Folie (View Post)
My favourite part was all the swearing!

Because Dude!!! You know Sam and especially Dean shouldn't talk as "clean" and censored as they do!
That was great. Because yeah, that's how the boys would really talk (if they weren't on television ). And I loved how much swearing Sam did.

Originally Posted by .felicity (View Post)
And can i just point out how creepy 'it's my party and i'll die if i want to,
die if i want to, die if i want to...
' on repeat was?

The lyrics are actually "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to" (unless I missed a part where someone sang along and changed the lyrics........ )

Still creepy, though.

Originally Posted by Folie (View Post)
Maybe.... The Ghostfacers episode was shot quite a while before the boys got to see it?

Would that make the math work a little better?
I imagine that's so.

Honestly, I don't pay too much attention to dates and timing on this show. I pretty much just take it on face-value (after the insta-dawn in Bugs, I find it makes things easier for me ). But I do believe they said that the house was haunted on February 29, Leap Year, didn't they?
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