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Despite the less than melodic voice, you know Mulder loved it in his own way. Anyway, she probably sounds better when they're alone in a bedroom.
Oh, definitely!

Just one of those "which do you prefer" type questions. Sorry I wasn't more clear! Do you prefer the yuppie Petries or the whispered-about Spookys? Neither term exactly capturing Mulder and Scully as they are but I just find it rather cute that everyone sees them as a married couple: whether in the bureau or undercover or even here in our shippy fandom.

I love that too! I prefer Mr. and Mrs. Spooky of the two because the other thing is just SO boring and yuppie-ish. M and S are WAY too cool for that name!

I don't think I'll be joining the FBI any time soon. Just as well. If I had to go through half of what Scully went through to land me a guy like Mulder I'd probably just screw it all and become a nun.
Hmm, I think I could bear it all if I had too. For me, it would all depend really on how much sex Mulder and I would be having between X-files. I would need adequate compensation for all my suffering!
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