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Yes! You got us to agree! You must be a miracle worker!
Bravo, Hestia!

If the TV series being discussed is really well-written, than it IS literature to me. I'm a born analyser, so I ALWAYS dig through every little detail and try to interpret it. The best art has to offer is always going to touch on some point in reality even in a show like The X-Files.We always see the arts through the scope of our own experience, so even though we all see the same reality, we're seeing it through our own eyes and giving it an interpretation based off ourselves. It's an amazing thing!
That's exactly what I meant

Despite the less than melodic voice, you know Mulder loved it in his own way. Anyway, she probably sounds better when they're alone in a bedroom.
I bet he loved it and I don't think her voice is that bad, I thought that was the cutest thing ever, her singing to him And then I loved that she sang that same song to William
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