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Hey, I got Lauren and Ju to agree. Cool! And as I'm only a semi-feminist, I'm not offended by what you gals said. I wouldn't be even if I was a fill blown feminist. I understand your explanations and agree. (I liked your long post, Lauren! Good read!)
Yes! You got us to agree! You must be a miracle worker!
I'm glad my explanation made sense, so glad that I didn't offend, and I'm REALLY glad that you thought it was a good read. That's quite a compliment! The closer we get to X-F2, the more X-filey my mood becomes, and my posts should start getting longer. On another shipper thread I visit, my trademark is half-a-page long posts! I'm the mega-post queen!

I defnitely get that this is just one of those things where everyone expects it as the norm and who knows - maybe my POV will change in 8-10 years when my biological clock kicks in.
I just know that right now, I cannot imagine having kids and I've felt this way for so long. I wonder if I need some big life-altering change to get my "mommy reflexes" churning. Hey, maybe I'll be abducted and have my eggs harvested!
Maybe you will! Go get a job in the FBI and see if you can be placed with the X-Files!

I wouldn't be that concerned about the lack of "mommy reflexes". I didn't want kids for the LONGEST time, but now I think I do. But not for a long while because I want to have a career first.

Maybe you'll want kids when you're older. Maybe you'll never want kids. Either way is fine. I know women who never had kids and are perfectly happy, women who didn't have kids until they were around 40 and are happy, and women who had kids when they were twenty and are happy. Everyone is different.

(Note to self: Freeze a couple of my ova. Probably not in my fridge like Mulder. But if I do meet a guy like Mulder who's willing to keep my reproductive material safe for me, I might give that baby thing a go. *wink wink*!)
Hey, if I had a guy like Mulder, I'd have kids in a minute! Wait that didn't come out right, ,but,well, you know what I mean!

You know, when I tried to tell my mom how I felt about not wanting children (about a year ago I believe) she was rather surprised and said I shouldn't say things like that. Of course, she quickly clarified that I'd probably feel differently in a few years and agreed I should concentrate on finishing school, getting a good job, and (oh yeah) maybe *actually dating*. Just a bit of my personal life affecting how I view that scene. And now I'll move on to some MSR.
My mum did the same thing a few years ago when I was in my no-kids phase. Alot of people do change their minds when they're older. It's hard for most to picture having children when they're still so young themselves.

For those who live in the U.S and/or watch the Sci-Fi channel, it's going to give Arcadia on Monday! I know it's a ways off from my episode watching schedule but since it's a Monster of the Week episode, I'm sure I'll understand what's going on. I can't wait to watch it at 4 pm!

**Sorta random question**: Mr. and Mrs. Petrie or Mr. and Mrs. Spooky?
Alright, Arcadia! I love that episode! You'll realyl enjoy it! It's one of those all-about-the-shippiness episodes! And it's REALLY funny!

Hmm, I don't quite get the question. In the episode, the go by The Petries, but I prefer Mr. and Mrs. Spooky!

I know, it always amazes me how a tv show and fictional characters can lead to such in depth discussions sometimes it feels like literature to me, you know, like when I was in college, and we would discuss about those poems and novels, and we would interpret every single detail and what it could mean, and then the many interpretations that could come out of that, and it always amazed me how that unreal world made us think about real life itself, how our interpretation of art ended up reflecting the way we'd see that same fact if it were real, you know what I mean?
If the TV series being discussed is really well-written, than it IS literature to me. I'm a born analyser, so I ALWAYS dig through every little detail and try to interpret it. The best art has to offer is always going to touch on some point in reality even in a show like The X-Files.We always see the arts through the scope of our own experience, so even though we all see the same reality, we're seeing it through our own eyes and giving it an interpretation based off ourselves. It's an amazing thing!

Now I hope you could understand the first part of my post too
I did!

I love the painful look mulder has on his face when Scully starts singing. It's hard to say if it was from the injury or because Scully was singing...but then she did warn him
Those pics are great! His expression is hysterical!
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