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I found this episode to be a bit of a disappointment, as the theme of what we all must sometimes sacrifice for the things and people we love resonated throughout this episode.

One of the sad parts about growing up is that you can grow apart from your friends, and we really got to see that happen with Bright and Ephram tonight. Now that Bright has graduated, and Ephram has been concentrating on his piano practicing, school work, and spending whatever free time he has with Amy, they’ve drifted apart, and things really came to a head between them due to their lack of communication and the lack of any real effort on both their parts to keep their friendship going, and although this development was sad to see, I also think it’s very realistic. Still though, I hope that Ephram will be able to find a balance between his ambition to make a solid future for himself and his need to spend time with the people he cares about, and I think that’s a lesson that all of us sometimes still need to learn.

I was disappointed that we haven’t seen Edna in the last few episodes, and we haven’t seen Irv at all this season, because I really like both their characters. I really didn’t like seeing Harold reduced to being nothing more than comic relief in this episode, as he neurotically tried to invent something because he was jealous that Andy and Jake had invented something that had distinguished them in their field, but as always, I had to really give Rose credit for the loving support she showed her husband.

Speaking of loving support, I’ve never been a fan of Anne Heche, but she absolutely blew me away with her acting performance in tonight’s episode, as she depicted Amanda Hays, a woman who had basically sacrificed everything for the love of her husband, and what really struck me was her honesty with Andy as she talked about everything she had given up while the town thought of her as being some type of saint for sticking by her invalid husband. Andy’s overreaction to finding Delia playing “7 Minutes in Heaven” with Charlie was funny, as he once again demonstrated his knack of inserting his foot in his mouth when he confronted Amanda about what had happened, but his later talk with her after he found out about her husband’s condition was really heartfelt.

I was disappointed by the lack of Ephram and Amy scenes in this episode, but still, they did have some sweet scenes together, especially when she told Ephram that they could build a tent in the living room and never come out. I loved watching Ephram calm Amy down as she fretted about her S.A.T. scores, and once again, she really showed that she was Harold’s daughter in that scene, and her freaking out when she found the “hooker thong” was hilarious, and it was equally hilarious when Ephram said that “and for the record, that’s a long time to hold any stranger’s thong.” Still though, I think she was right when she told Ephram that he needed to talk to Bright if he wanted to salvage their friendship, and I really do enjoy watching any scene where Ephram and Amy are together.

I was glad that we got to see a different side of Jake tonight as he asked Nina out for a date, but her revelation during that date that she was in love with someone else was both exciting and disappointing, as that “someone else” seemed to remain indifferent to the obvious charms of this beautiful kind, and wonderful woman, and just like I wanted to slap another main character *cough* Dawson *cough* in the head when he ignored the fact that his best friend obviously loved him, I wanted to slap Andy in the head as he also ignored that fact that the woman who had become his best friend obviously loved him. Sometimes it’s really mind boggling how Andy can be incredibly sensitive and caring in one instance, like he was with Amanda tonight, and how he can be incredibly insensitive and thoughtless in another instance, like when he didn’t notice (or didn’t want to notice) how beautiful Nina looked in her dress, and how she would have loved for him to compliment her on how nice she looked, but he instead made a comment about her “shedding all over the place.” I just hope that eventually Andy gets to see just what he has in Nina, but then again, considering what happened when Dawson finally got to see just what he had in Joey, maybe I don’t want that to happen, as I don’t want them to start dating and then have Nina realize that she needs to “find her something, alone,” and then start dating every guy in town!

Overall, although I found this episode to be a bit of a letdown compared to some of the other episodes that I’ve watched this season, I still really enjoyed watching it.
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