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I know, Gossamer is the greatest but you kind of already have to have favorite authors to really enjoy the site.

Originally Posted by Trasdockan (View Post)
Thank you. I read anything as long as it has some M/S love, rating doesn't matter.
No problem .
I'll have a look through my favorites and post links to more shippy stories for you, there was one that nearly made me cry and I think it was a one shot too.

ETA: Okay I got a few of the links

Nosce Te Ipsum
RATING: R for language and sexual situations
CLASSIFICATION: Vignette; Mulder/Scully Romance
SPOILERS: Per Manum mostly. There are references from a number of episodes.(all things, the Emily story arc,
Milagro, Millenium, Never Again, One Breath, probably some others.)
SUMMARY: Scully comes back home after receiving disappointing news from Dr. Parenti. Some angst, some love.

onpaperfirst: Maps - Post episode of Hollywood AD.
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