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for a new thread!

I LOVE the title! So true and such a good thing!

The hospital scenes in Redux, heartbreaking I asked this in the S5 thread and I will ask you now, remember the scene when Mulder comes to the hospital looking for Scully and Skinnner tells him you moving pretty fine for a dead man and then Mulder looks at Scully and says I am only half dead. You think he was referring to Scully, you know in a very shippy sense?? It turned out I was the only one who noticed that Cindy said it could be interpreted that way, what about you??
I think it was a definite Scully reference.

As for the email thing, I'll probably be missing Mulder so much that I'll be on the Neel train in "It's better than nothing."
well, I can't say as I blame you for that! I liked Doggett very much, but he couldn't fill the Mulder void.

Lauren, thanks for being so great and understanding on my POV
No problem. You're very welcome.

your percentage breakdown is right on the nose because while I like the funny/cuteness, I cannot dismiss the angst or the innuendo - I love those parts too.
If I were to break my love of this ship down, I'd say I'm: 55% Funny Cuteness Lover, 20% Fluff Lover, 15% Hot Innuendo Lover, and 10% Angst Lover.
Glad you like the percentage breakdown. And your percentage breakdown tells me that you'll probably REALLY enjoy the e-mail thing when you actually see it. That's okay though. This ship has a little something for everyone as we've determined. That's why SO, SO many people love it!

I watched Bad Blood clips and then Within, saw the shirt cuddling that you guys were talking about the other day, and it's such a sad moment she seems so lost without him
I love "Within"! It's so sad but I think that overall its a great episode. I never got over DD leaving the show, but I did like the Mulder-abduction arc. Scully got abducted, sterilized (or so we thought), and given cancer. It was Mulder's turn to suffer at the hands of the aliens!
Plus, as a big fan of shippy angst, nothing could please me more than an episode with Scully, Mulder-less and pregnant. That shirt-holding moment... I love it and yet it kills me every time!

I'll never get tired of staring at those Memorable Moments
Me neither!
OMG, we agree AGAIN! The world must be ending, Ju!

Oh, can we add "Set the Fire to the Third Bar" by Snow Patrol to our playlist, pretty please?
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