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Matt Roush (TV Guide)

Question: (...) On another note, I miss Lauren Graham's acting. Any ideas what kind of TV show she'll fall into? She seems to be hesitant about committing herself to a TV show. Is she afraid of another cancellation (as in her pre-Gilmore days)? — Lindsey A.

Matt Roush: (...) And to shift gears, I'd love to see Lauren Graham back on TV and soon, but not if she has to settle. A full season's breather seems time enough, but if she can wait, so can I. (And it's clear she's going to want to have a producer-level input on whatever she does next, which could also account for the delay.) The fact is this: Magical shows like Gilmore Girls are hard to come by, and roles as rich as Lorelai are just as rare.
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