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Hee! I love it when people actually take me up on my offers.

Yeah the misdirect is something that Jo excels at. And at this point in the story even the die hard fans aren't use to looking out for the clues that she might be trying play us. But I loved how in the end Sirius turned out to be the one Harry and reader champions.

As for the time-turner sequence. I remember actually feeling somewhat bored when the replay was happening. Strange I know, but I distinctly remember telling my co-worker at the time, who gave me the first 3 books to read, that I didn't like that part maybe because it felt like it was recapping too much as to what happened before. I don't know. But yes the timeturner device itself was rather ingenious. I am a little surprised that Hermione was given the turner though. Yes she's responsible and all that but still, a 13 year old with such a powerful tool. Or was this Dumbledore's knowhow to convince McGonnagal to let her have it because he knew the she would need it to eventually help Harry.
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