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Exclusive: ABC's Cupid Takes Aim at Lauren Graham

Talk about a match made in heaven. The brilliant words of Rob Thomas. The genius delivery of Lauren Graham. Together for the first time on TV. It would've been one for the ages.

Just, apparently, not these ages.

Sources confirm to me exclusively that Mr. Veronica Mars recently approached Graham to play the female lead opposite Emmy winner Bobby Cannavale in ABC's forthcoming reboot of Thomas' beloved '90s dramedy Cupid.

Says RT: "I love Lauren Graham. Bobby loves Lauren Graham. We explored the possibility, but we were told it wasn't what she wanted to do right now."

Bum. Mer.

On the bright side, Graham is still very much interested in returning to TV, despite the recent dissolution of her NBC development deal. "I do want to work on television again," she tells from the Philadelphia set of The Dream of the Romans, a romantic comedy she's filming opposite Jeff Daniels. "It’s the steadiest job and the best writing for women.

"I would look forward to doing something where I can have a hand in the producing of the show or the direction of the show," she continues. "One of the things that I learned while I was on the Gilmore Girls is that I want the process to be collaborative."

Incidentally, despite all of my campaigning, Graham tells Comcast that she has yet to be approached about headlining NBC's Office spin-off. "I haven't heard that," she says. (Note to Ben Silverman: WTF are you waiting for?!)

Meanwhile, the search for an actress to play Paula Marshall to Cannavale's Jeremy Piven on Cupid continues. Got casting tips? Post 'em below. And feel free to reflect on what could've been had Graham responded favorably to Thomas' overture.
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