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Considering how the show was "forced" to end, with only the EA finale scene and hannah going to A&M being different than a season finale, we were EXTREMMELY lucky to have the ending we had. and of course, we wanted more. We've been following those characters for years and we don't wanna let go. The characters are people you invite into your home, that you check up on and you wanna see how they're doing. You want to know what happens after the credit rolls even if they're fictionnal. I think no matter what, it's not enough. Especially when it comes to TV series because they last so long that you feel it's gonna go on forever. and the beard goes on...

I do see what you're saying Tos. The ending felt like a tale. In the little magical universe that is Everwood. Where we can believe in love and forgiveness and change. I always loved how the show felt like a book, a story that brought the beauty of ordinary people into the light. The ending was simple but sweet.
Like I said, it did feel a bit different to me. But it did come full circle to a lot of things and it was fantastic to go back to season 1 and the reasons we loved Everwood in the first place.
"4 years ago, you came to my little town and you changed my life"
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