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Originally Posted by mellifluouscloud (View Post)
You were the original Jarcy shipper, far as I know! You should make up some lame ship name for them and then get pissed when other people don't use it.
I do believe I was. -blushes- LOL. I made the first video at least. HAHAHA. I love you. And I can't think of a witty name.

Originally Posted by lalatina15 (View Post)
I remember the first time I saw Judy's vid, I was really feaning for some Johnny/Darcy when, low and behold, there it was... their first vid. *sigh*
Aw, I love hearing about my videos bringing pairings to life for people. Now I just need to get my ass to finish some of the many I've started lately, hah.

And I think the title should have to do with the first scene in "Live To Tell". Maybe something like "Jarcy (Johnny/Darcy) #1: Because she wanted to know the perks" or "Jarcy (Johnny/Darcy) #1: Because he asked if she wanted to apply for the job".

And can anyone possibly make me an icon with the clip of Darcy pulling Johnny up the stairs in "Live To Tell"? His face is priceless there.
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