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*SPOILERS* #25: Burn, Monopoly, burn.

The N.O.S.E.

No Obedient Souls Élite
This thread is to collect and discuss all the news, spoilers and speculations about Sawyer in the fourth season of Lost.

Lost airs every Thursday at 10:00 p.m. ET

Shooting dates
4x01 (The Beginning Of The End - Hurley FF): unknown
4x02 (Confirmed Dead - Boaties FB): unknown
4x03 (The Economist - Sayid FF): Sept. 14 - Sept. 28
4x04 (Eggtown - Kate FF): Sept. 25 - Oct. 6
4x05 (The Constant - Desmond FB): Oct. 5 - Oct. 18
4x06 (The Other Woman - Juliet FB): Oct. 16 - Oct. 30
4x07 (Ji Yeon - Jin&Sun FF): Oct. 27 - Nov. 9
4x08 (Meet Kevin Johnson - Michael FB): Nov. 9 (?) - Nov. 21
4x09 (The Beginning Of The End - Ben FF): Mar. 9 - March 24
4x10 (Something Nice Back Home - Jack FF): March 20 - April 4
4x11 (Cabin Fever - Locke FB): April 2 - April 15
4x12 - 4x13 - 4x14 (There's No Place Like Home - ? )

This post is to collect only the Sawyer-related spoilers/news.

April 16, 2008
Via DakUFO: Josh filming top secret footage in Los Angeles
'Josh Holloway was caught at LAX airport (video here) and I can confirm to you all that he was there for some top secret Lost filming. [...] I will tell you that the only other thing I can say at the moment is that "This is NOT filming for a Flashback". Also as I mentioned in the comments, he was not filming at the airport but was in LA for filming.'

April 14, 2008
- TV Guide behind-the-scene photos: scan 1 | scan 2 (credit: Susan via DarkUFO)
'Expect "more Indiana Jones kind of adventure," teases Holloway, who says he was relieved Sawyer is not one of the Oceanic Six. I wanted him to stay on the island.'

- ABC press release for 4x10 - Something Nice Back Home

- New ABC promo for Lost, Grey's Anatomy and Ugly Betty (credit: Brent0788)

Sawyer screencaps: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

April 12, 2008
- US Weekly behind-the-scene photos (credit: ralphie via darkUFO)

- Episode description for 4x10 - Something Nice Back Home from WCHS-TV8:
'Juliet and Kate must work together to save Jack when his health is seriously compromised; something goes wrong as Sawyer, Claire, Miles and Aaron head back to the beach.'

April 11, 2008
- From Kristin of E!: Three-Hour Lost Season Finale Over Two Nights!
'It's official: Sources confirm to me exclusively that Steve McPherson has signed off on Lost's extraspecial 14th hour this season, which means Lost is getting a three-hour finale! The first hour airs May 15, the second and third hours will air May 29, beginning at 9 p.m.'

- Entertainment Weekly - 'Lost': Secrets from the Set!
'The ensuing four installments will answer some of the season's biggest questions: How did the much-vaunted Oceanic 6 leave the Island? What happened to those left behind? Why is Sayid (Naveen Andrews) killing people for Ben in the future? And who's rotting inside that darn coffin?'

'EW spent three days on the set of the drama, and judging from the looks of things — like the corpse that washes up on the sandy shores of Camp Jack and the raging gunfight that will decimate Camp Locke — the first episode back, ominously titled ''The Shape of Things to Come,'' will launch the endgame with downright apocalyptic thunder.'

'During EW's stay on the set, Garcia prepared for an encounter with Smokey, and Holloway was spritzed with fake sweat and a touch of blood in advance of a raging gunfight.'

Sawyer promo pic for ep. 4x09

EW clips: Behind-the-scenes, First-Looks & Exclusives

- Promo #2 for 4x09 - The Shape Of Things To Come

* Sawyer screencaps: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8
* Screencaps of the whole promo HERE @ DarkUFO

April 9, 2008
- From Kristin of E!: Lost to Get Two-Hour Finale?
# It is looking "highly likely" (yay!) that there will be an additional hour of Lost for season four, for a total of six hours coming up in the spring run, starting April 24.
# Producers pitched the idea of a two-hour finale to ABC, and if they end up getting an extra hour but it is not to extend the finale, well...that could be messy.
# The sense among insiders is that ABC execs very much want to make this happen, but like I said, they have not yet had a chance to respond.

From the Ausiello Report: additional hour for S4?
'According to one of my 815 snitches, Team Darlton is in advanced talks with ABC to produce — wait for it, wait for it — an additional hour of Lost this season! [...] Now, before you go French-kissing a total stranger out of sheer elation, my source stresses that this is by no means a done deal.'

April 7, 2008
Official press release for 4x09 - The Shape Of Things To Come

April 4, 2008
By Ryan @ Hawaii Blog: 4x11 filming update.
'That same day [Thursday, April 3], visiting German student and fan Marcel again caught “LOST” at work, this time high in the mountains. They were filming an on-island scene along Manoa Falls Trail, complete with mysterious DHARMA door in the grassy hillside. He saw Josh Holloway and Emilie DeRavin in the morning, and when I joined him during my lunch break, we watched Daniel Dae Kim, Yunjin Kim, Rebecca Mader and Jeremy Davies traipse through the jungle, over and over and over again.'

March 29, 2008
Question answered by JG @ The Fuselage
czygan84: 'hey Jorge first off I was so happy when Hurley joined Lockes group and moved in with sawyer but ive been upset with the lack of the Hurley/Sawyer tandem as of late can you tell me if we will be getting more of the best duo on television anytime soon...'
Jorge Garcia: 'Yeah there is something coming up.'

March 28, 2008
- Episode description for 4x09 - The Shape Of Things To Come
'Locke's camp comes under attack, and Jack tries to discover the identity of a body that has washed ashore.'

- Promotional photos for 4x09 - The Shape Of Things To Come

March 27, 2008
Matthew via DarkUFO: Update on the filming at the barracks

March 24, 2008
DocArzt - 4x09 & 4x10 filming updates + rumors
'BEYOND: There is a nasty nasty rumor floating around that there will NOT be a Sawyer centric episode this season. That just doesn't seem right.'

March 20, 2008
By TheReporter via DarkUFO: Barracks on Fire, Military Soldiers, Kids
'I have a set report today (sadly no pictures to confirm it) but there was some filming action going on @ YMCA's camp erdman (THE BARRACKS) today when i went to go to the area for a swim. I was able to see Sawyer, Locke and Hurley on set. They were filming a scene with Sawyer where he was talking to a group of kids? But here's the best part. They were filming a scene where one of the barrack houses were ON FIRE, and tons of men dressed in military uniforms and war paint and guns stormed the barracks.'

March 17, 2008
Via DarkUFO: Internet featurette - the cast talks about Michael's return

March 14, 2008
- DarkUFO confirming the list of the O6: Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Sun, Aaron.

March 3, 2008
- TV Guide, March 10-16 issue - The Cast's Burning Questions Answered!
Josh Holloway: Is it Jack's turn with Kate?
[Laughs] That doesn't sound very romantic, but I guess we get the underlying meaning. The Jack-Kate situation remains unresolved and probably will be for a while.
Lindelof: We will say we haven't seen the last of Sawyer and Kate this season. Not by a long shot.

February 26, 2008
Via DarkUFO: Josh interview with Sky magazine - page 1 | page 2 | page 3

February 24, 2008
The New York Post: 10 reasons why 'Lost' is found
2. We learn Jack's fate: The finale introduced the flash forward and showed us Jack's (Matthew Fox) slide into alcoholism when he leaves the island. "The flash forward is part of an overall plan for the show," says Damon Lindelof, co-executive producer. "Season 4 is about who gets off the island and the fact that they need to get back. Season 5 is about why they need to get back, and season 6 is about what happens when they get back."

3. We know who survives: Season four introduced six survivors: Jack (Matthew Fox); Kate (Evangeline Lilly); Hurley (Jorge Garcia), and Sayid (Naveen Andrews). This "Oceanic 6" make it off the island, but one will die - exactly who will be revealed this season. "We've made a choice to focus on the characters that fans have loved since the beginning - Jack, Kate, Sawyer (Josh Holloway), Locke (Terry O'Quinn), Sayid and Hurley," says Lindelof.

8. More sexual tension: The love quadrangle between Jack and Kate, Kate and Sawyer, and Jack and Juliet promises delicious complications, with Jack telling Kate he loves her, Sawyer asking Kate to shack up with him on the island and Juliet saving the day for Jack.

February 21, 2008
- Terry O'Quinn interviewed by The Canadian Press
AP: You've had other disagreements with the writers.
O'Quinn: At the end of Season 3 Locke throws a knife into Naomi's back and I said, 'This really hurts me, It's so not typical and it's so out of character and it seemed gratuitous.' I made the biggest stink I ever made with (executive producers) Damon Lindelhof and Carlton Cuse and they said, 'Look, Locke believes he was doing the right thing. His life was saved, he's been told, he's been instructed. He believes that this is the most dangerous person in the world right now and he does what he does. Do it.' I said, 'Well, you know, if I stab her in the back couldn't I at least shoot Jack in the knee or something?'

AP: What's it like working with such a large cast?
O'Quinn: One of the nice things about this cast, this size of cast, you get a new episode and you go, 'Oh great, now I get to work this little arc with Michael Emerson. We have a lot together. Or with Josh Holloway or Evangeline Lily and it's almost always a pleasure to find out who you're working with. Almost.

AP: Are there some you aren't pleased to work with?
O'Quinn: There've been some rough times but it's very familial in that way. It's like the holidays when you go, 'Oh God, uncle Bob's going to get drunk and abuse my cousin. But we'll get through it.'

February 20, 2008
From EW: Jeff Jensen interview with Lindelof and Cuse
- Naomi and Elsa's bracelets had no mytological purpose, they just thought giving Elsa the same bracelet would bring memories in Sayid;
- Adam and Eve, the skeletons, will be adressed but not this season;
- Episode 4x05 "deals with time travel and operates in different time periods";
- In episode 4x05, we'll find out which kind of calls the satellite phone can do and which it can't, explaining why they can't call the outside world;
- By the end of the season we will know who is in the coffin;
- The larger mythos, like "The Purge", will come back in season 5;
- NO to alternative realities, because they want the audience to invest in the story and the characters and what happens to them - that doesn't exclude time travel and bending of the space/time continuum though;
- By the end of the season, we'll know what happened since the O6 left the island/got rescued, to the point Jack and Kate meet in the airport;
- We'll see more hints to Jacob and the cabin, but that's not something that will be answered by the end of this season;
- the Orchid video showed at Comc Con is important this season;
- the mystery of Ben's list is linked to the wreckage seen at the bottom of the ocean.

February 13, 2008
- Watch with Kristin - Ep. 4x07 will air Mar. 13, then the show thake a break and return Apr. 17 at 9 p.m.

- Ausiello Report: Lost Finds Post-Grey's Berth!
"According to multiple sources, ABC plans on airing this season's final five* Lost episodes on Thursdays at 10 pm/ET beginning in late April, where it will follow all-new episodes of Grey's freakin' Anatomy!"

This just in: I'm now hearing that Lost's final arc may consist of six episodes, not five. No, Team Darlton isn't making an extra episode this season. Rather, the final installment of the current run (aka Episode 8) will likely be held to kick off the final batch of five. According to my spies, Episode 7 makes for a better, more logical, break.

February 1, 2008
Video interview with the cast for E!

January 30, 2008
Doc Arzt interview with Josh Holloway for BuddyTV

January 25, 2008
Video Interview with the cast of Lost for Sky One (thanks to sophie via DarkUFO)
Cast members featured: Josh Holloway, Michael Emerson, Yunjin Kim, Matthew Fox.

January 24, 2008
- Sounbite: Evangeline Lilly on the romantic triangle (thanks to tater):
"The triangle just becomes more complicated, it becomes more like a rectangle. And um that's fun. That's exciting. I've been saying now for two-ish seasons that, um, I want to see Kate stand on her own two feet, outside of any man, and I think everyone's going to interpret what happens with Kate, romantically, differently."

- Sounbite: Josh Holloway on the Sawyer/Kate relationship and S4 (thanks to tater):
"So far it's still, there's still feelings there and um, we have an encounter again this season. And it's an interesting one too...We've still got feelings, and we're undecided where that's going, and like I said before, I'm not sure exactly sure where my character is going to end up, so I think he may be proposing certain things to her, or her to him, like, 'Where ya gonna go?' It's kind of all up in the air because of the situation on the Island."

"This season is awesome so far, from what I'm reading and shooting. The stories are so concise and it's fast-paced and it's flashing forward and it's flashing back and it's in the present and it's always moving. Now...that's the best way I can describe Lost now: It's always moving, the story."

"Tune in for season four because the story is heating up and it's very concise and it's definitely heading toward an endpoint, is the time not to wait for the DVD. Time to watch it, because every show is very intriguing and moves the story forward."

January 22, 2008
Tv Guide article: cover | page 1 | page 2 (scans credits: susan14509 & Ralphie)
"Sawyer's bit cautious about people coming to rescue them," Holloway says. "He's come to the realization that there really is nothing back [home] for him. His life wasn't good. I don't think he'd know what to do back there." (interview taken in September 2007)

January 20, 2008
- From DarkuFO's blog: Sky One poster - bigger version

- From Lyly ford's blog: Sky One S4 poster

January 14, 2008
- Watch with Kristin - Spoiler Chat: Sawyer's death?; Penelope; Kate and one of the Boaties?; Jack&Juliet
Julia in San Diego: Lost! I just read somewhere that Sawyer might not make it through the season. Please save me from a true panic attack and tell me Sawyer isn't going anywhere!
Yes, Sawyer's going to be killed off in episode six, and from what I understand that will be the show's last-ever mention of the character. Audiences just never warmed up to him, and the writers realized it was best to simply give his off-putting storyline to a swift, clear-cut end. (I'm kidding. Seriously now, with all the stressing going on at, I worry that you guys are all gonna give yourselves aneurysms. I promise you, if Sawyer were to eventually get killed off, which I consider unlikely in the extreme, the show would at least do it Nate Fisher style—that guy is gonna be around until the end in one way or another.)

January 10, 2008
- Promotional poster for S4 @

- First Group promotional photo for S4 @

December 21, 2007
Sawyer character promotional photo for S4 @

December 19, 2007
ABC official description for Season 4



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