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The Cap Quiz : Guess the scene/episode

Matty's caption quiz - It's the new craze!

After making the new ABC thread I got a big kick, and now that it's been a few days I need a new fix.

So here we go!


- Post a picture from a scene. The first person to answer correctly to which scene it's from get's to do the next round.

- If someone posts a picture from the scene where Ephram gives Amy the infinity necklace in Season 2, you'll simply answer: "That's from the scene where Ephram gives Amy the infinity necklace in season 2". If the picture is from the scene where Bright and Ephram goes to see Madison's band, you'll answer: "That's from the episode where Ephram lied to Amy to go and see Madison's band. Stupid, stupid Ephram".

- If the person that answers correctly doesn't have the possibility to make his/her own captions, he/she can pass it on to whoever decides to make a new question first. (Or PM me, and I'll make the captions this person wants and send it to him/her, so that he/she can make the next question)

- You can use more than one picture for each round if you want to.

Originally Posted by Captioning info
If you have the episodes on your PC, but don't have a clue on how to make captions, it's easy peasy. Download and install the VLC Media Player. Open whichever episode you want the caption from into VLC, and play it. When you reach the point in the episode where you want to take the picture, simply click "video" on the top of the player, and then "snapshot". You can find the caption in My Documents\My Pictures.
Get it?

Ok, off we go:


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