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From an article today titled:

There May Be Cracks, But The Comedy Glass Ceiling Still Exists For Women

...After reading this month's "Who Says Women Aren't Funny" issue of Vanity Fair, it is impossible not to notice just how many beyond the current "it" girls of comedy were left off that list. This is an attempt to rectify that and garner them the recognition they so rightly deserve....

...Finally, we'd be remiss if Lauren Graham was passed over from yet another list of acknowledgment. Never nominated for an Emmy despite pulling out bubbly banter week after week for seven seasons on Gilmore Girls, Graham has not yet been given the opportunity to really shine on the large screen. At least on The-WB-turned-CW, Graham was allowed to be both the beautiful romantic lead and the quirky (usually secondary) character who always had something offbeat to say, but in the half-dozen or so independent comedies in which she has acted during and since (Seeing Other People and The Amateurs, to name two) and even the fewer big studio films (Bad Santa, Evan Almighty, Because I Said So), she has been resigned to take a backseat as characters who flit on-screen just to offer a few meek punch lines.

Perhaps it should be no surprise then that Graham is moving into slightly more dramatic material with the upcoming Birds of America and Flash of Genius in order to prove her intense training (she holds a Master's Degree in acting) will not be wasted on second-best roles. And whatever happened to that seven-figure deal she inked with NBC? Presumably the scripts they tossed her weren't worthy because she is in development on a show of her own - the only one on our list to follow in the footsteps of many in that Vanity Fair profile and make something happen for herself....
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