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So many updates in one week! Thanks for all the news, everyone. And my apologies - I was away suddenly and expected to have more Internet access but didn't. The front post is updated now.

Have there been many previews of Jezebel yet? Matt Roush gave it a thumbs down:

Roush Review

My enthusiasm for Canterbury's Law almost makes up for my disappointment in Fox's newest midseason comedy, also built around prominent female leads: The Return of Jezebel James, from Gilmore Girls' Amy Sherman-Palladino.

Even without a death slot on Fridays, this strained story would be a tough sell. The not especially comical situation of this sitcom reunites two estranged, unsympathetic sisters, when flighty, fussy yuppie Sarah (an unconvincing Parker Posey) enlists the bohemian Coco (abrasive Lauren Ambrose) to be the surrogate to carry her baby — for which she has yet to find a sperm donor.

Who's Jezebel James? Coco's childhood imaginary friend, a spunky character around whom Sarah, an editor, has developed a children's book. Something tells me I'd rather see a show about imaginary Jezebel than about these sour siblings.

Lorelai and Rory, we miss you!


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