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So I didn't get around to watching the eppie till now, and I'm not going to write a novel :p

I really liked this episode. It was nice to see the funny OTH again, filled with some tears here and there. To me it connected with the old days.

I love how Tim was in the eppie, and I loved the whole concept behind the episode. Keith was talked about, Jimmy was talked about, memories were shared..

The only down side to this was not seeing any of the game, I was looking forward to a few couching scenes, and more Lucas.

I'm glad Lindsay and Peyton finally seem to have turned a new leaf, as all of their fighting is getting old.

The ring thing confused me. Im pretty sure Lindsay's ring was the one Lucas was going to give Peyton. Peyton did tell the truth though. It was NEVER her ring, she didn't want it at the time, so I can see how what she said was a lie, but at the same time it was the truth.
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